Eventually I will get caught up with intros

Hey y’all! Let’s send big welcomes to the following newbies:

@TinaBee she ruptured back in 2008 had her skull cracked open (craniotomy) and lived to tell the tale! Then she had another aneurysm that was scheduled to be repaired on 14 Jan 2022. We hope you’re doing well, come let us know how it went when your able by starting a new topic under “General”!

@Louann hails from OK and loves country music. Ms. Louann has posted a few times already. She’s having a rough go of it with all the brain healing and side effects. Let’s show her how supportive we all can be!

@Jacque576 is a retired educator and received coils and a VP shunt. We are waiting for her to start a new topic so we can not only help support her but her support to us as well.

@laura1 loves dogs and shopping. She had a rupture in Nov 2021 and is young. Let’s give her a warm welcome and read her topic. Hi! I’m new here, she needs our support folks.

@Utah85 has joined us, can you guess where their from? Treated with a stent, @Utah85 is trying to be someone their son is proud of, something a good parent does right? We are waiting for @Utah85 to start a topic…

@rcaldwell had an SAH back in 2005. Y’all need to read her story, she’s amazing! She’s worked hard to become independent since her SAH. She is able to do therapeutic horse back riding (I’m envious as I was told I can’t get back on one). She also gives back with her dog in a volunteer pet therapy program, how cool is that! We are waiting for the questions she has and hopefully will start a new topic under General soon! I’d love to learn about adaptive rowing…

@Allie007 is from beautiful Wales. She has a caravan (camper for those of us in the p) and can play guitar. I bet she’s fun to take along camping! She has to wait another couple of days to see her neurosurgeon for the LACA aneurysm. It’s nerve wracking to wait as we all know…give her a warm welcome and some support. Who knows, she may be a Crew Cat fan…

@lindas from Cornwall in the UK had an SAH just last year and is still recovering. Sounds like there’s a lot of fatigue going on. We hope she starts a topic soon and let us know how we can help

@pattnish is a caregiver (carer in other parts of the world) whose husband had a rupture in Nov. He survived and went to rehab like several of us. I think she’s experiencing some new challenges, hopefully she will post a new topic and we can help her out…

@Lisat is from Alberta Canada. She had 3 aneurysms clipped awhile back and has never regained her sense of taste or smell which has to be very difficult to experience. You can read what she’s going through here I'm new here, and I need to talk! - #12 by Lisat. Let’s give her some help and ideas folks!

@sbseattle has joined us from the beautiful state of Washington. Like many of us there was an incidental finding of the PICA aneurysm and still figuring out how to best deal with it. We need to wait for Shell’s story to be started on a new topic, e patient…

From Maryland, we have @MaryZPA who also had an incidental finding and has been referred to Johns Hopkins. I guess being a retired teacher has given her the ability to navigate our site, you can find her new topic here Another newcomer. Aren’t educators wonderful! One of my favorite things I learned in Algebra was 2 + 2 does not equal 4 in all cases, such is our living with an aneurysm.

Next up is @Mrs.C from Oregon. She loves pugs. Following a car accident a few years ago, she’s been having difficulties. Her MRA indicated multiple damaged arteries and aneurysms. We don’t know as yet how her appointment went with the Neurosurgeon, hopefully she will come on and tell us in a new topic.

@Loveforall is here, a young man who had an incidental find of a 5mm ACOM artery and procedure. You can find his story here New to the group - Need Support. Let’s show the love and help support him!

@Sooboo is from Wyoming! She’s thankful she’s not alone, we really are here aren’t we? She found her cure for panic attacks by returning to work. Waiting on her to start a new topic, introduce herself and receive/ share support!

@Caitlin is from the hilly state of WV, a mother of four with two teens and twin toddlers. Her fiancé had to be flown to PA so he could be treated at UPMC and she along with his Dad had to drive four hours to get there. Can you imagine the nerve wracking state they must’ve been in? He is already having issues with recovery and Pittsburg is a bit far for follow ups so they’re looking close to home. We need to patiently wait for her to come start a topic, maybe she will ask us what worked for us or a Neurosurgeon in her area, don’t know as yet…

@tdbarba is down in Texas, a very large State. She has three generations of paternal family history with aneurysms, her aunt and grandmother both died of a rupture. We also need to wait for this mother and grandmother to come and tell us how she’s fairing, hopefully soon.

Another member with family history is @DVH she comes from Indiana and has had a craniotomy for two aneurysms. It sounds like it was recently so we will give her some time to enjoy her crochet and remember to check her email or maybe discobot went to her spam/junk folder

@SHoltz is in PA though she had a a TBI in 2019 which resulted in her doctor having her leave teaching. She moved from AZ, has a new doc who did an MRA and found two aneurysms. She’s found workarounds with losing her profession - Borzoi, teleworking and in process of earning a Master Gardener Certification from PSU extension, have to admire the Agricultural Extension offices that offer this curriculum for all of us ignorant gardeners! You can find her first topic here Called by neurosurgery, what a way to start today - #2 by Moltroub. Please help her

@Jens6246 is from New Hampshire where they have beautiful fall foliage and I imagine a bit of snow this time of year. She’s had a difficult time. Another member with family history, her mother died of a rupture in 2002. @Jens6246 had a rupture in June 2021 and stayed in NSICU for a month. They’ve given her a shunt, has seizures, and had to have an appendectomy two weeks after her ICU release. Let’s give her some support by visiting her topic Hi all, I'm new here

@Bella is in the UK and found out her aneurysm and it’s neck are the same size! She will be having her procedure next month hopefully with the surgeon already having contacted her. She has found out she will be treated by one of the best in the world! One of the things I know I most appreciate about her life journey is opening their home to foster children, I’m sure along with you, will we learn more to appreciate!

@Judith37 just found out through an MRA. Perhaps she found out she has an aneurysm but we don’t know much. Perhaps she will let us know her story when she starts a new topic or posts in an existing one…

@Melvin is another new member, our newest who hasn’t said much and I’m going to guess he ruptured as all he states is he had emergency surgery. Currently he is feeling scared, alone and sad. We hope you come and post a new topic Melvin, we can help you out.

Finally I am caught up mostly. There are probably many members in the past whom I failed to welcome. ModSupport doesn’t have time and as y’all know I’m not only a Moderator, I’m a patient as well. If I missed someone, send me your link and I will most certainly try to remember to add you to the welcome list. I may do welcome Lars every so many days, I have t figured out if I need to do it daily, weekly, bimonthly or monthly. What would y’all like to see happen?

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I’d add that when you first join, the place to say “Hi, I’m new…” is the New Member Introductions category (you can find it under Welcome on the home page). Otherwise, @Moltroub outs you like this! :wink:

Also, did you know you can add categories to your “Watch” list on your profile?

  • Go to your icon at the top right of the page,
  • select the :bust_in_silhouette: Account option,
  • select :gear: Preferences then
  • select Categories.

The categories you add to your Watch list are ones that you’ll get a notification for new posts in, even if you don’t log in regularly. It can help with making new members feel part of the community really quickly.

  • use the :heavy_plus_sign: to the right of the Watch list to add more categories to your Watch list.

It’s great to have an active community where we see people standing together. (Thanks for having me as a bit of an intruder.)


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Hello everyone- Thank you for approving my membership.
My name is Diana

Welcome again! How’s the crochet coming? I think it’s a great way to relax and get your neurons firing in the correct direction. How about starting a topic under “General”? If you have difficulties, just send myself or ModSupport a message.

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