31 March 2024 newest member welcomes!

Good Morning y’all! For those of you who observe Easter, Happy Easter! For those of you who don’t, Happy Sunday! It’s the last day of March and we are going to be in the 80’s today, no fear as Summer isn’t here yet and we will drop back down to the 60’s soon. I need to brag on BH who’s helping me do my yard work. I did something really dumb on Monday and everyone has reminded me since then that I need to ask for help. I totally messed up my back trying to clear some of my shop so I could finish some shelving for the laundry room. I move some cabinet tops we had saved from the kitchen redo. The next day, I had my second PT eval for my neck and had problems getting off the table. The PT asked if I had a cane or walker and I said yes. It may have been a suggestion, I’m unsure. I get confused. I get more confused now if I’m in a great deal of pain. But my back pain doesn’t compare to my rupture which makes it hard to give pain a number. I always, always preface the number by telling folks who ask what level of pain I’m in with the rupture. The ladies at PT have learned that if I give a Laois number, it’s probably high to others. That and they watch my face of course. My memory goes to Hades in a hand basket and I have trouble remembering not only to do my exercises but how they’re supposed to be done. They’re very kind about it and just repeat several times. My last session, I was told not to pick up anything. Well that can’t happen says I. I’ve got chores to do…the look was priceless. Such is the life right? Anyhow, BH is helping me by mowing the yard with the tractor and I just need to rake all the fallen limbs into the bucket. BH has learned to empty the collection system on the back and together we have done an admirable job. I’m very proud of BH who really doesn’t like to do yard work, that’s my thing. BH once killed a lovely little peach tree at our first house we bought and since then, I took over the yard work. My lesson this week is repetitive, I know, but please don’t forget to ask for help when needed. BH can’t help you as I’ve taken BH’s time and energy over.:joy:

Now for what we’ve all been waiting for, the welcoming of new members.

@Curious1 starts us off down in Australia. Curious1 had a craniotomy for an unruptured aneurysm and surgery was successful! Good for you! Hope to hear more from you…

@BrokenMirror is in Texas. Roy shares that he was a healthy 41 year old and had his rupture. He thought he had food poisoning and laid on the bathroom floor for six hours with terrible cold sweats and vomiting. When he regained consciousness he experienced tunnel vision and his hearing sounded like he was under water. It lasted several months. Roy now experiences major sensory issues with light and sound. He thinks he is suffering from depression. He was a musician and can no longer read music nor handle the noise. His family has been affected and his marriage is dissolving. He doesn’t know where else to turn. He is disabled and has little resources for therapy. Apparently he ruptured during the pandemic and was released with a walker because they needed beds for COVID patients. He received no pain medication and has had to deal with this alone. His short term memory is also affected. On a positive note he has learned to read again and use his phone! He also loves gardening, nature and his children. Good for you Roy! We get it and we can help. We also have several members who are musicians that might give you some suggestions and many more who just love music. You will need to start a new topic so we can share our experiences. Just go to the home page and click on the + sign, pick General or Support, enter a title and then tell us what you need. If you have problems just reach out to me (@Moltroub) or the folks @ModSupport.

@gzpz50 is in Massachusetts. Carol also experienced a ruptured aneurysm. Hers was on 12/3/22 her shunt was placed on February 5, 2024. She’s still struggles with exhaustion, walking and cognitive issues. Carol wants to find ways to improve her situation and hear stories of others. You have definitely found the right place! Waiting for your first topic!

@Armybrat4 is up in Maryland. Nikki had a craniotomy. She shares that her aneurysm was found serendipitously (love that word) during an MRI for syncope episodes (fainting or passing out). Nikki’s just had her procedure on the 19th! She shares everything happened so fast she’s barely had time to get over the diagnosis. Nikki’s is also a dog lover, gardener, fish mom and former Soldier (thank you for your service). Interestingly it appears she found us when searching the internet for professional head coverings going back to work. How’s that for another serendipitous discovery!

@andrearayo completes our welcomes this week. Andrea is in Guatemala. Andrea’s father ruptured on 2 December 2023. He is 70 years old and is still not having any volunteer movements in his extremities, hasn’t spoken and is being feed through a tube. He spent three weeks in ICU with a tube and ventilator. The father is stable today, but the family needs some more ideas on how to help him besides the doctor’s instructions. We can share our experiences Andrea, just start a new topic!

We have a member that needs suggestions on a surgeon in the Boston area. @ozonial has started a new topic here Need neurosurgeon in MA or near - #8 by Moltroub. Please help if you can!

Have a fantastic week y’all, work smart not harder, ask for help when needed and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Recovery isn’t easy, but it’s doable with a good bit of practice and a whole lot of patience. Be kind!

This is playing on the radio right now https://youtu.be/b9sTIvhpNLU?si=7RR7aTSw4LLFn1CX

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