3rd Angio in a year

Got a phone call this morning for my Angiogram again. It will be my third one this year. Sure getting tired of this. But I guess the docs want to make sure all is okay with me since I've had so much trouble. In Sept, 2011, I had a stent inserted & ran into alot of trouble, so this one is freaking me out. I'm really worried & nervous about it. Not the procedure, but what they might find, & with them messing inside my brain if I'm going to have another stroke. Been on aspirin 325mg twice a day since the last stroke. Next week I start back on plavix o'joy. Sometimes I wonder if it is all worth it. On the 24th it will be 18 mos since my original aneursym. Hope everyone is doing good & god speed to all. I'll just have to keep the faith! Thanks for listening.


Hi Aggie...When r u going for this angiogram? God I hope they don't go messing with you again, I feel for you so much...Take care of YOU and keep us posted...it is always good to see you and I am sorry I missed this post the other day...~Cyber~prayers your way ... ~ Colleen

Aggie, many prayers for you...

Was the stent implanted before or after your last angiogram? Was the stent implanted to protect the aneurysm neck area? When was your last stroke i.e.; before or after the stenting?

Hugs and Prayers you have family or friend with you while there; and, that this upcomingangio will be successful; your God will be overseeing your angio...


Dear all, To Colleen thanks for your concerns, my angio is schedule 4-17, @ 8:00AM. At least i won't have to fast for to long. Maybe I can get out of the hospital early also.

to Pat, The stent was implanted in Sept, 2011, my second angio after my rupture. They implanted it to stop the annie from growing & also inserted 3 more coils. So that makes 29 coils implanted. After the stent was inserted about 2 weeks after, is when I started to have the strokes. I think it scared the docs as well it scared me. I just don't want any of those again. Thank god, the only after effects from the strokes was a weakness in my leg & arm, but I'm working to get that back with water therapy. They gave me 350 mgs of plavix & doubled up on the aspirin & that seem to have done the trick. I'm praying all is okay with the stent & the aneurysm. I'm really tired of going back to the hospital. Thoughts & prayers to all. Have a great day.


Hi Aggie...

I can only imagine how tired you are with going back to the Hospital...You deserve some good news...and I am hoping and praying that is what you will get on 4/17th...~ Cyber~hugs and prayers your way...~ Colleen