Angiogram Thursday!

Hi y’all this Thursday is my 1 1/2 yr. check up since my stent was placed. Please pray for me that the angiogram will go without incident. And they will have nothing but good news… Thank you,Tansy

Will do - all the best for a fantastic result Tansy.

You got it Tansy...and please let us know how you make out...~ Colleen

praying now! thanks for sharing~~

Hi Tansy - thinking of you today...prayers sent for a wonderful outcome tomorrow, please keep us posted


Hey Tansy !

Prayers and great thoughts in you getting the most ho-hum, boring angiogram EVER. Peace, Janet

Had the Angiogram Thursday. It went great… My Dr. Said I could stop taking plavix … Yeah… I’m going to stay on a baby asprin. He wants to do one more Angiogram in a yr. just to make sure the stent is doing its job. Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers. Tansy

Thansy...This is good news...~ so happy for you ... ~ Colleen


Hi Tansy

I am delighted by your good news!

I had a pipeline at the end of January this year,the aneurysm was 8mm & behind my right eye,I had my 6 month angiogram recently & they told me I have some narrowing of the artery where the pipeline is

The hospital told me in happens in around 4% of persons & they do not know the reason why it happens in some persons & not others

I see from your previous posts that you also had some narrowing after the pipeline,do you mind me asking what the result was for you

I was taken off the plavix at 6 months but now I am back on it,because of the result of my angiogram

kind regards