I am having my aneurism clipped on the 22nd, is there anything they might have forgotten to tell me about that any of you experienced and thought they should have told me that before the day of the procedure. I know I will have a headache, I will have a black eye and I will have to have another Cerebral Angiogram prior to being released. I am ready for the fatigue and the fact I will have to keep my activities limited ( very hard for a chef) can anyone add anything, I would appreciate even small details as I like to be prepared. Thanks and to all who read this may your 2012 be the best year of your life ,Enjoy!

Marc, I had an unruptured aneurysm clipped on 4/20. Surprisingly I had little to no headache. The annie was resting on my left optic nerve; my left eye was swollen shut for about 5 weeks post op and I was bruised on that side of my face. Often they need to cut a jaw you might have some trouble eating and opening your mouth wide for a month or so. I was one night in ICU, one night in regular room and then sent home. Hope your stay is short and the surgery is successful with few problems. Good luck; positive thoughts and prayers are being sent your way.

When they remove the drain, it feels weird. When they staple the incision the drain was in, they will say it feels like a mosquito bite. Don't believe them. It feels like someone stapled your head. Ask for a painkiller right before they staple your head. (Removing the staple a couple of weeks later when the remove the stitches is actually pretty much painfree.)

I woke after surgery with my right eye swollen completely shut. The left eye also was swollen almost shut 2 days later. The left eye was shut for less than a day. It took about 4 days for me to really be able to open the right eye.

Because of the location of my incision, I couldn't wear my glasses. The day after I went home, my husband took an old pair & removed one stem so that I could see.

Make sure you have some quick & easy to eat food handy. You need to take Vicodin with food. Reese's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups were my go-to snack.

Thanks ,

If that is how mine goes I will ecstatic. To my knowledge mine is not resting against anything sort of equal distance right behind right eye and right ear. My spirits were lifted last night when I had to talk two friends who have family and celebrate Christmas (negative on both for me) out of their offer to fly from Boston to Oregon for me. Imagine what airfare last minute for this time of year would be. Crazy ! I talked them into coming after the first of the year. I do have a wife and my Christmas celebration usually consists of baking a Birthday cake for Jesus and give it to a neighbor. I imagine she(my wife) will be tired of playing nursemaid by the time they come to visit. One is a Naval Medic who won a Silver Star and a Purple Heart the other a world class master chef, so I think I will be in pretty good hands. Thanks for the advice.


I really appreciate your response these are the things I am asking about. I will make sure I am incoherent when the stapling begins. The snacks are being made on Tuesday my wife usually does not cook but being married to a chef for 25 years she has learned enough to keep us from starving. Thanks for the suggestion on the PB cups but I rarely eat anything someone else made and certainly if I do it will not be processed food and I am allergic to Vicodin. Good suggestion on the glasses I will remove an arm on one of my pairs tonight just in case. Hope you are doing well now and if i can ever offer assistance on a recipe or wine pairing do not hesitate to ask.

don't rush the rcovery, it takes time and listen to your body. best of luck. taking out the staples creeped me out i had 22 i think. mine was a rupture.

Hi there when they removed my drain I never had anything which I now find weird they just took it out made me stay in hospital one more night then let me go home. Anyhow my scheduled op was alot better than the ruptured one. I went in on a Thursday op Friday back home the following Thursday. Didn’t need any painkillers at alĺ but cannot remember the day after the op may have had some then. Goodluck hope it all goes well.


Hugs and prayers to you and your wife...for your treatment results and your recovery. I was coiled, and strongly believe you are blessed to have clipping. Wishing you a wonderfully Merry Christmas for your recovery.


I think you got everything covered Marc...You have my prayers ...!

Bless you...Cyber~prayer and Healing thoughts your way...Colleen

Thanks for the response, I got plenty of experience at listening to my body regarding healing in the 70&80's I was a professional motocrosser. I learned the hard way trying to return to racing before my body was ready. Nowadays I'm pretty good at taking it easy. As long as you don't count the back to back knee surgeries I had earlier this year right before I went to Portugal and toured the Douro as part of a wine writers junket. Too many hills and too much walking. Knees are fine now after phys rehab @ Nike it was the best facility.

Your response is encouraging and my surgeon teaches this procedure so I should be good to go. The outpouring of genuine emotion and well wishing has been greatly appreciated. Happy Holidays and may 2012 be the year all your dreams come true.


I'm feeling pretty strong thanks to you and all the wonderful people who have shared their love, thoughts and prayers.



You have made me feel better since the day I registered for this site. Thanks for your continued support and well wishes, as soon as I can report my results I will be letting everyone know.


Hi Marc, I had mine clipped on 29th Nov and stayed 1 night in HDU, and a further 5 nights in a regular ward. My jaw was a big problem the first few days and I found it difficult to chew anything. I am recovering well but have to remind myself not to do too much, as I do tire easily. I am still on Paracetamol some days but overall I am pleased with recovery. Like others, I found the drain removal the worst part (but only lasts seconds) - they didn’t staple or stitch mine! I had 25 staples in and 5 hurt on removal but the other 20 were fine!

Sending you positive energy for your op next week and hope that everything goes well for you.

Best wishes


Marc, I'd say you'd be in great hands with friends like that. I'm from Boston; people who live here are big hearted!

Hopefully you'll be home for Christmas and just be sleeping the day away. Just make sure you take all the time you need for resting post op. I wish you the best.


I am lucky and you are right, I met my wife in Cambridge and I cooked in Back Bay for years. Thanks for the response and the well wishes. I hope your Holiday season is filled with fun and enchantment.


Thanks for keeping it real; frank realistic depiction was what I was seeking. Your help is greatly appreciated. I am prepared for the jaw issue the drain removal scares the hell out of me. I hope your recovery continues to improve. Your recollection of the event is impressive again thanks for sharing a personal moment.


Hi Marc,
It is ok to feel scared… I was absolutely terrified of all aspects. Please don’t worry too much about the drain, it’ really isn’t too bad. I have a very low pain threshold and although it was a little painful (10 seconds max) it was fine afterwards. Look forward to hearing back from you after your op.

Go into this thinking all positive thoughts! It is not certain you will have headaches. I didn’t have one but the black eye was a huge! My thoughts and prayers are with you!
This is going to turn out to be a good 2012 for you :slight_smile:


You are so kind...I have had a tough couple of days...a sick kitty cat, and a terrible headache...and reading what you wrote me this morning...well...You Made someone's day...!

Keep that positive will help out alot...fight the fight...and Know someone in the world is in your cheering section...Whoop, Whoop...! Cyber~prayers...Colleen