Hi to all members of "Living with Aneurysm Group". This month marks my second year following my clipping surgery for a ruptured aneurysm. I have been coming here to read stories but have not posted anything for a long time.

I want to say thanks to all of you for your words of encouragement and inspiration when I first joined this website. If it weren't for this website and the wonderful members here, I think I would be suffering from depression because I felt so alone and thought no one else had survived what I had been through.

Please give updates on your current situation. Are you still watching and waiting or have you elected to have surgery? As for me, I'm still watching and waiting. I am not having any problems at this time and will not bother my small aneurysms until they become a problem. It took a whole year for me to heal from my brain surgery. I think I've recovered about 90%. I hardly get headaches anymore. I would like to know if anyone in this group who decided to treat their aneurysm, do you think it was a good decision or do you regret treating it?

I would like to get updates on your current situation.



Hi Eula...Congratulations on your 2 Year Annie ~ Versary...~ I hope you do something nice for YOU...

I was coiled 3 years ago on my 9mm basilar artery aneurysm...I am due for another angiogram checkup this year...to see if the coils are still compacting...the other aneurysm is 2mm and Doctors are still "watching and waiting"...and I embrace the good days and the bad days...and love life...~ Wishing you a wonderful celebration ~ Colleen

Hi Eula!

Congrats on your 2nd year!

Lets see..would I do it again?? the 1st one I didn't see coming and it was clipped under emergency circumstances..so that's a draw..the 2nd one ruptured and again, I was coiled and had little choice in the matter, another draw. the next go-round was compaction of my coils, and now I had choices laid out in front of me, I could either go the route of adding more coils or get a clipping done of the annie and stop the madness....I chose to stop the madness, and YES i'd do it again in a heartbeat. It was a very good decision I think, at least for me it was. Peace to you Eula as you go thru all this, I know its not easy! Janet

Eula...congratulations on your two year recovery... My personal opinion, is that you made the right decision on open surgery / clip...

My rupture was minor... and, so unfortunately had the minimally invasive coiling... and off-label, off-record stenting...

I am always pleased when I know the results of open surgery...

Blessings for your recovery and continued recovery...90% is really grand...


Congratulations Eula!

It's been 19 months since my 2 clippings and I still feel like I'm healing. They didn't rupture but were found thru tests. I would definitely do it again because the only reason they were found was because I had such a severe case of vertigo I had to go to the hospital. I've never had vertigo in my life and I'm not a real religious person but I truly feel that god sent that to me as a sign to be checked and that's how they were discovered.

I was told later that due to the shape of one it would have ruptured within a year. Who knows where I would have been or what I would have been doing when that happened so no, I never regretted my decision to proceed with the clippings.

Of course, unlike a lot of others here I was fortunate to be able to return to my job full time and within a short period of time so I may be a bit prejudice.

Thanks to all of you for your well wishes on my second year 'annie'versary. It has been a long long road to recovery. Perhaps I should not have said I've recovered 90% - I may have stretched it a bit. I think it's more like 75%. I still have some deficits that I need to overcome.

I still don't think that I will decide to have my small aneurysms treated except if I was told that they have grown. I have a 3.5mm and a 2.2mm.I am scheduled to have a CTA next month.

Best wishes to all of you BA survivors!