21 April 2024 welcoming new members day!

Good morning y’all! It’s a rainy morning and it’s going to rain all day says the weather apps. We were supposed to go to a baby shower today. Wouldn’t you know it that baby boy wants to come a good deal earlier so no party and for BH and I some deep breathing is in order. We have a niece who was born premie 20 years ago or so. SIL did fine but our little niece had to stay in the NICU several weeks. She’s had a good deal of health issues but managed to get two scholarships to university, one for cross country track and one for academics. I laugh about the track as she was only 4’ 11” at the time. She has grown a couple of inches but still not near as tall as our great niece who also ran cross country and was scouted by several big universities across the country. The great niece decided she didn’t want to run anymore, sad because she was really quite good. I think her high school coach wasn’t as good as the niece’s coach when it came to encouraging all runners and not just 2 or 3. We took my Mom to see her great granddaughter run at the Nike Invitational here in NC. It was just a track but Mom was able to see her first great granddaughter in action a couple months before she passed. It made all of us very happy. Fingers crossed for the new Mom and baby boy that all goes well. He sure is taking his sweet time in coming for wanting to see this great glorious world early. That’s my short story today, I guess we’ll be doing some housework since I can’t do any yard work in the rain…now for the newest members!

We start off with @LindseyM Up in Illinois. Lindsey’s mom had ruptured in December. Her mother was rushed to the ER and spent several weeks both in NSICU and hospital. Her mother is home now and has therapy several times a week. Lindsey shares that she and her family know nothing about aneurysms and what to expect. You’ve come to the right place, we do know a thing or two about aneurysms and ruptured aneurysms. We can help! Lindsey also shares besides being the secondary caregiver, she has switched career paths going into health insurance and has two cats. Make time for yourself, please, it’s important!

(We lost internet yesterday so for the first time that I can recall it’s taking me a day to do the welcomes! Let’s continue!)

@klunk is up in PA. Kelly has an opthalmalic artery aneurysm that has been recently diagnosed. She wants to ask questions and learn from others. Not only is Kelly a mother of 3, she’s also a RN, a grad school student (taking this semester off) , scared but she’s also started a new topic 39 and Newly Diagnosed. We know how the unknown can be frightening so let’s help her out!

@rater12 is in California. Rachel has also just been diagnosed. She has a 4mm aneurysm and shares she is terrified. Rachel also has experience with migraines with aura but had begun to have constant, painful headaches. Her neurologist ordered an MRA and there it was. She shares she’s married to her best friend and has 4 children from 26 down to 4, I’m guessing she doesn’t like to slow down keeping up with young ones is no easy feat! Please make time for yourself!

@JaneA is up in Pennsylvania. Jane has already had three pipeline stents. She was having vertigo and they discovered an aneurysm. She’s had two flow diversion surgeries and received the three stents. Jane shares she is a teacher education professor and she loves teachers! You’re in the right profession Ms. Jane! We’re glad you found us and would love to hear more of your story. When you have time, start a new topic under the General tab and share your journey please ma’am.

@My2024 is up in New York. Christine had a pipeline embolizatiom for a 6 mm fusiform aneurysm that was found in February this year and she had her procedure this month. She wasn’t aware of the importance in screening familial close relatives. Her dad passed away from a rupture over 10 years ago. Because of hers, her family and siblings are all recommended to have MRA’s. We hope they heed the recommendation. Christine shares she enjoys traveling and spending time with her family. She’s waiting for clearance from her Neurosurgeon to travel again, I’ll bet it will be soon she’s wearing her traveling shoes!

@minidee is in the United Kingdom. Dee just had a clipping for an irregular shaped aneurysm, I think in the Internal Carotid Artery. Dee shares she is a widow and mother of 3 under the age of 8 and an ExPat. I didn’t know what an “ExPat” was so I asked @DickD and he told me. He’s better than the Google! If I remember correctly it’s a person who is living and or working in a country not of their birth. When you can, please reach out to us with a new topic either under the General or Support tab.

That’s the welcomes for this week. Sorry it took me so long but I can’t control our internet provider. Not sure why we lost it, the rain wasn’t that bad in our area but it could have been a lose line or a vehicle took it out which has happened to us before.

I hope everyone has a great week!

I needed to edit this, @My2024 has already started a new topic! My jounery so far Let’s help her out folks