28 January 2024 newest members!

Good morning everyone! It’s a blustery one today in my neck of the woods and the vultures are taking advantage of the wind. I think they’re turkey vultures or buzzards, but they may be black vultures as we have both. Either way, their giant wing span is beautiful to watch with them soaring on the thermals created. My, oh my, what a beautiful morning! I hope y’all can take advantage of being outside, even for a little while and see what Nature provides, it’s amazing… The clouds are moving up to the North after the storm yesterday and there’s a splattering of blue skies. The trees are starting to bud out, the daffodils are coming up Spring is right around the corner!

We are starting the welcomes today with @Katja up in Ohio. Katja’s sister had a ruptured aneurysm and a stroke and has moved 2000 miles to help her brother in law take care of her. Katja is her sister’s older sister and they’ve not been a part of each other’s lives for a very long time. She shares she is failing miserably with her baby sister. Katja needs our help! She doesn’t know what to do as her sister is argumentative and becoming increasingly difficult. Her sister must be very frustrated as she’s sounds like she’s not trying and each day is very difficult for the entire family. We can help Katja, just start a new topic under the “General” tab.

@JoSanti is out in California. Jo experienced a ruptured MCA aneurysm. Her SAH was in October 2022. She had a craniotomy to repair the rupture. Jo is experiencing short term memory issues and fatigue. She’s been a trooper though, she completed her PT and cognitive therapies. Way to go Jo! She’s still seeing a therapist for her ongoing anxiety and worry. Jo’s an oncology RN and went back to work per her Doctor’s advice, but feels she wasn’t successful at working. She was afraid to make a mistake or giving the wrong medication and causing the patient’s life so she retired early. That hasn’t stopped her helping others. Jo is volunteering with Oncology patients by sitting with them whilst they receive their treatment and providing comfort and support! I think that’s fantastic Jo! Often times by helping others, we end up helping ourselves. We look forward to you posting or starting a topic!

We end the week’s welcomes with @King_Henry60 also in California. Henry has already started a new topic My story and why I'm here! He shares that on 13 February 2019 he was eating lunch with a friend when he thought water was coming down his face and quickly felt unbearable pain in his head. Henry collapsed on the floor and ended up with five procedures and a month in ICU for his rupture. Henry had to learn to walk again. He also has a cat named Milo. Henry gives more information in his topic so head on over to it!

Thanks for joining our group y’all! Just some friendly reminders - please don’t post your full name, personal email, phone number, or where you live exactly, we don’t want anyone who is lurking on the internet to find you. Also when replying to a post make sure it’s no older than a few months. You can tell if a post is older because it will have the month and then the year like Jan ‘17 which means January 2017. Newer posts will show the days posted like 2d or maybe the hours like 15h. Hope that makes sense. If you have any questions about navigating the site, please reach out to me, @Moltroub or the wonderful folks @ModSupport we are here to help you best we can.

Have a great week y’all!

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Thanks for the warm welcome and kind words.
May our God bless us all as we continue to heal.

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