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Happy St. Patrick’s Day to those who celebrate it! When I was in high school, I learned from another student that in Ireland, only Catholics wear green, Protestants wear orange. We had been developing a friendship until that St Paddy’s Day and I wore green, she wore orange. I did stop other students from pinching her but that was the end of our relationship since I was raised Catholic. Emotions were still very strong between the two groups. In the States it seems everyone wears green. Since that day in high school, I just say everyone wants to be Irish Catholic for a day! You should se people’s responses when I say, I didn’t know you were Catholic when they’re really staunch Protestants. It’s hilarious! I think I’ll wear white, it is the balance of the two in the Irish flag apparently. Or I could wear brown, black or olive green since those colors are a mix of orange and green. I like people to just get along, so it may be white….

My exciting news for the week - I finally, yes finally, was able to use the grass catcher on my little tractor! It’s really called a “material collection system” MCS for short in the tractor world. I was a bit apprehensive as it has a different feel when I’m driving it around the yard. My brain doesn’t do well if I’m on a slope and my right side is down and not my left. But I was getting up the leaves and grass clippings only to plug up the hose. Ugh! It’s a bit of a chore to get the contraption off and loosen it. Then I dump the leaves into the hopper from the two pieces and empty the blower fan. The second time, I got a bucket to dump the leaves in so it would be easier to get them into the hopper part. By the third time it plugged I was exhausted and hurting but I did remember to read the troubleshooting instructions and I believe I had it figured out. I tried to put the two pieces back on to no avail. Unfortunately it’s sitting in the yard, rained that night and the next day. We stayed a long time with friends yesterday and my brain was hurting from counting my points and trying to follow the others playing their cards. That’s a lot of concentration. BH told me on the way home that I did well as I didn’t need help to count my points which made me feel better but my brain was exhausted. Today we are heading to South Carolina to meet up with BH’s nephews. It’s the first time I will meet our great niece on BH’s side and I’m quite excited about it. BH has told me to take my medication for anxiety as we didn’t know we’d be seeing both of BH’s nephews. BH’s oldest nephew is pretty loud and his wife is sort of high pitched when speaking, so I better do what BH says. They get offended if I wear ear plugs😂. Let’s get on with the welcomes!

@agnes is starting us off this week! Kathy is up in Oregon. She had a craniotomy for 2 unruptured aneurysms one in the ACA and one in the MCA in February this year! They found it when she had a SCAD (spontaneous coronary artery dissection) it’s an emergency situation in October 2023 and the cardiologist referred her for a CT to look for aneurysms which of course were found. We are glad you joined Kathy, we also hope you’re recovering well from everything you’ve been experiencing!

@Johnnak is up in Indiana. Johnna shares she’s a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 1. She experienced a ruptured aneurysm in the bilateral apex in January. I think but don’t know that’s in the ICA. She’s hoping to make friends here that can share their experiences and one day she will help others, but for now, she wants to learn. She’s also young being 38 years old. She’s afraid the aneurysm will reoccur from her coiling. To top all that off she also has kidney disease and high BP. You can read more of her story here My story front right aneurysm with sah. Please help her out folks!

@fig_2000 is in California. Liz’s mom had a rupture when she was 50 so her PCP wanted Liz to be screened. The MRA showed a 4mm aneurysm at the right supraclinoid ICA ophthalmic segment. Liz is just starting the process of researching neurosurgeons in Southern California. Liz is a mom of 2 children under age 11. Liz, you can check recommended doctors here by doing a search through the magnifying glass or start a new topic under General tab. Depending on where in So Cal you reside may make a difference from UCLA to San Diego.

@rackets19 is down in Georgia. Ritz was treated endovasculary for a large (1 cm) aneurysm on her Basilar artery. It all started with a trip to her eye doctor for double vision and balance issues. The eye doctor sent her to get and MRI and CTA. The next day she had her angiogram to give her a stent and coils. She’s still having issues with balance and double vision so she’s using a walker. Ritz has children and grandchildren and likes to knit and crochet for them! She’s also replied to a topic Blurry, double, and overall decrease in vision - #4 by rackets19

@AnimalLove80 is in New Jersey Nichole only shares that’s she’s a confused patient with multiple conditions and is looking for information. Nichole, you’ll need tos tart a new topic so we can hopefully share our experiences with you. Just go to the General tab and click the positive sign. From there, you’ll have a pop up that you’ll need to fill in.

@Mag is up in Canada. Magdaline’s husband experienced a ruptured aneurysm this past January and is still in hospital. The doctors says he’s lucky to be alive. Mag does see him trying to make a come back and knows he will pull through due to his strength. She’s having a tough time watching him struggle. She’s also scared and her emotions are all over the place. Mag wants to have a better understanding of this new life by hearing other people’s experiences and how to navigate it. Mag really needs us to help calm her emotions. When you get a chance, please start a new topic under General or Support, we really have a lot of experienced survivors and even caregivers who can share what they’ve been through.

That’s it for this week y’all. I want to share something my cousin shared with me:

“Normal is just a setting on the washing machine”

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