10 March 2024 new members to welcome!

Oh my gosh, I know Spring is here because the Bradford pears are in full bloom. They are beautiful and smelly. We were driving through the countryside to hook up with some friends for dinner and I saw one that was huge! I have never seen one that big before. We had a really good sized one at the first house we purchased back in the ‘90’s. I put a small sitting area under it using timbers and those inexpensive concrete squares along with a bench. It was a great place to sit and rest after working in the flower garden. About two years later, we had a storm come through and the dang thing twisted and broke. What a mess! They have become an invasive species over the years and I just talked to a friend yesterday who is willing to take the ones at our new home down. The original owner planted several along the driveway in the front yard and under the power lines. The company that trims trees for the power company were kind enough to cut the ones under the lines completely down. I’ll keep the wood for smoking meat and firewood, but I should have cut them down before the sap rose. Guess I’m a day late and a dollar short on that chore. I blame BH who wouldn’t let me cut them down by myself :joy:. Let’s get to the welcomes before I start talking about the thousands of wild garlic that have popped up in the yard! It will smell like our kitchen does sometimes when I mow…

Oh I need to tell you another story! I had to start PT again for back issues. She kept saying something about me having a brain aneurysm and I kept correcting her that it ruptured. I finally asked her if she knew the difference between a rupture and an unruptured aneurysm :crazy_face::joy:

@Lemon starts us off this week. Ryan is in the Tyne and Wear area of the UK. Did y’all know those are two rivers? I didn’t, but thought the name interesting, so I looked it up. Ryan is ahead of the game and has already started a topic New and scared. Ruptured aneurysm and SAH. A lot of questions for Google leave me with more Q's and anxiety!. Ryan experienced a ruptured aneurysm while in hospital and this was treated immediately. He went through an endovascular procedure, stay in hospital and now recovering at home. Ryan also likes hardstyle music (had to look that up too, I think that’s aging me😂)

@Kitteryann is up in New York. Kristie will go to her first appointment on the 18th of this month. She shares she doesn’t know anything yet as it was an incidental find. She’s also an accountant and a musician! Can’t wait to read more of her story so please jump in an existing topic or start your own when you find some time. Accountants work long hours this time of year, so we’ll be patient.

@AliciaC is in the western part of the United States. Her brother had a rupture in 2013 and was treated with coils. She lives across the country from him and is dealing with a different chronic illness. I imagine she may have some questions for us, but we will need to wait until she starts a topic or replies to a post.

@Dixie is down in Alabama (BH is from Alabama and we say “Roll Tide” in our home. The Iron Bowl was spectacular in November, it’s the only game we watch). Dixie is seeing a surgeon soon. This is her second aneurysm, the first ruptured. She’s also been married for 14 years and has almost died seven times since 2017! I certainly want to read more of Dixie’s stories and I bet she has a lot of good things to share with us!

@teamayf is up in Washington State. Marie’s spouse had a SAH and was treated endovascularly and then had a shunt placed to address the cerebral spinal fluid build up. I don’t understand what a double negative angiogram is and I do apologize. Hopefully I’ll be enlightened. Marie and her spouse recently celebrated their 40th anniversary with a 30 mile, 3 day backpacking trip! That’s awesome Marie and congratulations!

@Lois2 is out in California. Lois had a stent placed in January. She had been having double vision for four months, went to the ER and they found an aneurysm on her sixth nerve on her left eye. She’s hoping with the stent placed her vision will improve with time. We do too Lois! Lois shares she’s still working because children make her happy and help her forget her condition. She loves working with children and I bet she’s good at it!

That’s the newest members. I hope everyone can enjoy a bit of sunshine this week. Get out and take a walk about if weather permits. Have a great week y’all!