22 Oct 2023 Sunday welcomes!

It’s the third weekend of October, which is when the mountains in NC are supposed to be nothing but Fall color. I used to go up all the time as it’s a very short drive but lawdy the number of visitors and the growth of population keeps me from going now days. Our trees are starting to turn, they’re a bit behind so I’m wondering if the mountains are a bit behind as well. We don’t have many maples, mostly white oak and several sweetgums - lots of acorns and those spiky little seed pods that you do not want to step on with bare feet! I’ll have to stay on top of them when they start falling because I don’t want the dogs getting one of those spines in their pads. It looks like the sweet gum will be a blaze of yellow. I may miss the dogwoods and maples we had on the other property with their brilliant reds but yellow is good too. We have some Bradford pears that as soon as they drop their leaves are coming down. Asplundh was kind enough to take a couple down because they were right at the electrical lines. Whilst they can be beautiful trees, they are very invasive and when a storm hits, the branches can and often do twist and break, so before they become fully mature, they need to come down. Maybe I’ll give a go at chainsaw carving, one never knows what I’ll try next, not even me :joy:

I just went a whole five days without BH, five days! That hasn’t happened since I ruptured close to ten years ago now. It was a bit difficult especially since I’m not supposed to cook unsupervised and most of our friends were away on vacation. I did cook a couple of meals never leaving the stove. I remembered to get everything prepped before hand! One couple took me to a local place for dinner and we talked about everything we were brought up not to talk about at the table - religion and politics. Mr. Curley has his PhD in Theology and I always have questions. He and Ms Judy never put me down for how my brain works now and are very patient with me, it’s really nice to have supportive people in our lives don’t you think? Speaking of support let’s get to the welcomes …

We start with @pmac20 up in Canada. How’s the colors up there Pam? I’m unsure if she ruptured or not but Pam had clipping on 23 June 2023 and is experiencing right sided numbness and weakness. She needs a cane to walk. Most members find us through an internet search, but a volunteer came to her in hospital and gave her a brochure. Amazing, simply amazing!

@Rene64 is down in Florida. Rene has a clipped aneurysm on the frontal cerebral middle trifurcation (which I think is the Middle Communicating Artery) in the Circle of Willis. There’s also has an unruptured 4mm aneurysm directly under the one that was clipped. Rene was operated on back on 1/10/10 and experienced a small rupture during the clipping which apparently caused the other aneurysm due to a piece was left out of the clip. Rene has some left frontal lobe damage, gets headaches and has seizures which are both controlled with medication along with mild apraxia and right sided weakness. (Remember damage to one side of the brain affects the other side of the body.). Rene shares despite this and other health issues, they have an excellent attitude and is looking forward to a happy future. Good for you Rene! And thank you for the work you did as a volunteer firefighter and an EMT!

@AnitaD is over and up in Colorado. Anita’s angiogram is scheduled for the 23rd of this month (tomorrow). While teaching in late July she had what she refers to as “an episode”, shimmering on half of one eye and three lost words which was all over in 20 minutes. She went to the ER and then sent to a TIA clinic. The experts are divided on the reason. Some say a TIA, some say a migraine so she calls it an episode. They did discover a 7.9mm aneurysm plus “an area of concern”. Her doctor says an angiogram will give them a better picture to figure out what it is. Best of luck to you tomorrow Anita! Make sure to hydrate well today, it makes the procedure so much easier. She also has several blood clotting disorders but no known aneurysms in her family. Anita is justified in being anxious and not sleeping well. Come talk to us Anita, we can help!

@Astralita is up in Canada Judith had coiling for a ruptured aneurysm but wants to wait to tell her story when she feels it’s pertinent to a reply. The “Something Else” question Judith is where some members put their hobbies, family, special interests those types of things. It’s not a requirement just a way to support each other. It also helps me when I write the welcomes.

@SnowForest is in New Hampshire. Diane has had clipping, wrapping and contralateral surgery via craniotomy. She was diagnosed with 5 aneurysms, yep 5! She was having increasing migraines and right orbital pain. They found one on her Right Interior Communicating artery (RICA), one near her Posterior Communicating artery (PCA) and three blister aneurysms on her LICA! She just had surgery at John Hopkins on the 3rd of this month. Diane is also an author, loves hiking, being outdoors, spending time with family and loves good books! Diane is also hoping to find information and connect with others who have blister aneurysms. We do have members who have blister aneurysms, just start a new topic under the General tab and ask away!

We end this week out of North America and over to Europe with @Miguel in Portugal. Miguel had a pipeline stent used to treat a 7mm unruptured aneurysm. He assures us all went well with his procedure but he is now experiencing headaches.

I strongly encourage all of you to come start a new topic or rely to an existing one. If you don’t mind, stay within one that’s not too old. If you need any help reach out to me @Moltroub or the wonderful folks @ModSupport -Merl, Sharon and Dick D comprise that group and they help all the Moderators with all of Ben’s Friends rare disease support groups, so give us time to respond. Mr. Richard (Dick D) spent a good bit of time this morning helping me to learn something new! Ms Sharon and Merl always have my back too and never get upset if I have to ask the same questions numerous times, never!

Have a great week y’all!

“Autumn teaches us the beauty of letting go. Growth requires release—it’s what the trees do. -ka’ala

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