30 July 2023 newest folks to our group!

Oh my, can you believe August is but a couple days away? As I get older, the days, months and years fly by, when I was very young, they seemed to be much, much slower. Before we get to welcoming our wonderful new members, let’s talk about the importance of socialization.

We do need to socialize as it helps in so many different areas, most importantly it not only increases our sense of well being, but it sharpens our memory skills. Just take a quick look on the internet can tell you all it helps with. It staves off isolation and feelings of loneliness which can often lead to depression. We need the companionship of those we care about and who care about us. Being with family or friends helps us in so many ways. We really need to feel connected to others a simple hug or physical touch, a card game or a meal shared, a 15 minute conversation with a neighbor, it doesn’t take much and you don’t have to be a social butterfly, just reach out.

I knew I was getting too isolated and yesterday we spent a lovely five hours with friends. We always have a meal in which everyone brings something and then we play cards. This time we played a card game called 5 Kings. My best friend and I were actually plying for first place. Since I ruptured I have great difficulty in remembering how to play different card games and what cards I need to keep or lay down and I’m usually at the bottom along with my best friend. Truth be told, neither of us are extremely competitive, but the others sure are. Rummy is usually what we play and one of our friends excels in counting cards, BH does too as does another. So there we were, my BF and I exchanging first place with the others fighting for last place and wouldn’t you know it the last deal with 13 cards in hand and I laid them all down on the second go around! I was exhausted and everyone could tell because these were people I love, not just like and not just colleague. I felt rejuvenated though exhausted. We came home took care of the dogs and putting things up, watched a great movie (Emmett Till) and then it was time for the dogs to go out before we went to bed. Well, we didn’t get to go to bed as planned. One of the dogs found a skunk. De-skunking a dog isn’t in my top ten things of wanting to do, I can assure you. Fortunately the other ran right back up to the patio and wasn’t hit but she found a place to hide from the carrying on of de-skunking lol. We never know what life has in store for us, making the best of what we get is our responsibility and no one else’s. But we can do better when we socialize. Try to do something with someone else at least weekly, hopefully not de-skunking a dog.

Let’s get to welcoming our new members, they may be as excited as I am

@Precious1 from the USA starts us off and is one lucky member! Having a change in migraines, becoming clumsy and experiencing slight memory loss, their PMC at the VA sent Precious to get an MRI. Precious was told to report to the ER immediately having a 9.9 mm aneurysm that was ready to burst. Precious received a stent during the emergency surgery April 27 2022. A little over a year now and Precious is still experiencing short term memory loss. We know a few tricks to help with short term memory loss, hopefully one or more can help. Do a search or start your own topic!

@Toninio is from Germany. Tonic’s father experienced a ruptured aneurysm last Christmas. He has issues with his right side, still has aphasia which Tonio also says “can’t talk” and it’s unclear how much he understands. He was very active prior to rupture and an artist. He now has to sit in a wheelchair and isn’t able to use his right side. Tonio has already started a new topic found here Comparing recovery timelines makes me feel alone. Please help!

@Chele is in the Pennsylvania/Maryland region. Michele is a patient and in the wait and watch line. Their first aneurysm was found in the neck during a Ct scan following a car accident. Sent to specialists, two more were found in the brain. Michele shares that there will be a re-check in 6 months and they’re looking for more aneurysms. I’m sure that’s a lot of stress causing health issues, how can it not be? It also a good reminder that if we have one aneurysm, there can be more anywhere in our body. We have many members that are having their aneurysms monitored and even more who have learned tricks on reducing stress. We get it and are here for you!

@Lene is also up in Pennsylvania, City of Brotherly Love aka Philadelphia. I’ve Ben through Pittsburgh but never to Philly, it’s on my bucket list! Shelene had a stent for her aneurysm. She’s still having symptoms and is wanting to learn more. Shelene also shares she has suffered some major losses and needs support. We are really good at offering support, it’s what we do - support each other. Please start a new topic under General and tell us what you need, we can share our experiences and help bolster you up.

That ends this week’s welcomes. We have one who needs to check their email, possibly their junk folder and reply to the automated messages. I hope everyone has a great week and no experiences with a skunk, seriously! Go spend 15 minutes with someone you care about and who cares about you…