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Y stent and coil successfully completed

Hi all,
I wanted to let you all know that my coiling and stenting was done on Monday as scheduled and I am recovering well. I spent one night in the NICU in a very lovely private room with wonderful care. This was quite an unexpected treat for me. I’ve never had such a wonderful hospital stay!
Two Neuroform Atlas stents were placed and 4 coils. They seemed very happy with the result and the pictures looked good. I was discharged yesterday but I am SUPER tired and feel a little off. Sensitive to noise, sun, etc., but managing. My throat hurts from the anesthesia. Groin pain is not bad but they did have a little trouble getting the seeping to stop post-surgery and this delayed getting up. I am bruising like crazy from the Plavix and Aspirin and they apparently did some IV practice on my left arm once I was under because I have at least four puncture marks and it is bruised and painful. Doctor gave the typical warnings plus a new one - hair might fall out from the radiation. He said it happened to one of his patients before and he hadn’t warned her so he wanted to make sure I knew this was a possible side effect before it happened. Anyway, all went well and I follow back in three months for an MRA.

Cannot recommend Dr. Benjamin Brown highly enough. He’s a very patient doctor who took great care of me and my family. He’s moving to Louisiana if anyone is in that area.

Hope this helps anyone considering treatment. You all have definitely helped me. :slight_smile:

Happy 4th! - Jennifer


Wonderful news, Jennifer. I had a similar procedure in Dec. 2018. And I did have some hair loss from the radiation. Happy July 4th! - Ida

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@jenniferlgro - that is great news! I am so happy you got it done and out of the way. I am definitely looking forward to my receiving my pipeline stent on the 17th to get it over and done with. Relax and take care. Happy 4th!

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Waiting is the hardest part. Praying your procedure will go well. Happy July 4th! Ida


Have a smooth recovery now and enough rest :slight_smile: … glad everything went well !

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I am getting very clear signals from my body to rest. Doing too much (by that I mean doing pretty much anything) means head pains, eye pains, headache. Sleep is the only thing that helps. I’m listening! :slight_smile:


I, also, had head pains following the procedure. They do become less frequent with the passage of time. Just listen to your body and take it easy!

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Hi jenniferigro! Great news that all went well. Now take good care of yourself and be patient during the recovery process. Drink water, sleep and don’t push yourself to do a lot. Keep us posted

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Iam so glad that your done.Sometimes the waiting is hardest part.And everything sounds like your doing well.But give yourself time to rest.To build you strength back.Wish you all good things for you.:sunflower:

I had to laugh about your comment about ‘practice’ IV placement because it often seems like amateurs are sticking me! A nurse told that being very well hydrated makes it easier to stick people with tough veins. Glad you are on the road to recovery!

@Kate3 The funny part is that I don’t have tough veins. I’m not sure what they were doing to my wrist because five days later it still hurts pretty significantly when I move it around and the bruise is huge. I had a really good day yesterday – very little headache and I stayed awake the whole day. My “normal” headaches that started last November gone too, but I’m afraid to jinx it by saying this. LOL I’m feeling well this morning and it’s kinda freaking me out! I know better than to over do it, though. I will take it slow. :slight_smile:

@jenniferlgro - did they schedule you for a post-op to check your wounds? Although my procedure is for July 17th, they have already scheduled my follow-up the week after for post-op.

@jammies Since I traveled to Mayo, I am just following up here at home. I have an appointment on Monday. I don’t go back to Mayo until my three-month check.

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Ok. Gotcha!

That sounds like my arterial line they tried to put in and had to take it out less than 24 hours later. It hit a nerve and was not fun.

Stay hydrated, maybe try some Gatorade or another electrolyte drink and eat protein

@Moltroub I am 8 days post now and my wrist still hurts. They must have hit something. lol It is where the arterial line was and I think they must have had some trouble getting it as there were multiple puncture marks. I’m sure it will heal up but it’s still pretty sore. :slight_smile:

So glad you are recovering well! Your surgery and recovery sounds mirror to mine, only I didnt have y stents. I celebrated my 3 year anni-versary on 6/20 and still in recovery but doing well! Congrats!

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@jenniferlgro - how long did you have to lay still after the procedure before they got you up to walk? Did you receive full anesthesia before they gave you the catheter and arterial line? Hope I’m not probing too much just trying find out what to expect. I will ask more questions later this week during pre-op.

What wonderful news!!

@jammies Ask away! They did one venous line prior to anesthesia. They did the urinary catheter, another venous line, and an arterial line after anesthesia. The set up was similar to the angiogram but shorter because of anesthesia.