Pipeline completed!

Hi I just had the pipeline embolization device placed 4 hours ago. The procedure couldn’t have possibly gone better. Thank God and thank Dr. Standard in Nashvile. I’m so happy this part is over so I may heal and move on with my life.

Wow...amazing that you are able to write on line...Congratulations...this is super news...keep resting and keep healing...~ Colleen


That is awesome news!!! So glad that everything went well. I can't believe you are online so soon. Just be sure to not overdo it as you need to take the time to rest and allow your brain to heal!

Take care and God Bless,

~ Carol

Yeah! May you have a speedy and uneventful recovery.


Gongrats cindy. So nice to see you so up & happy. Stay well, get rest, blessing sent to you. Jeanne

Thank you ladies so much for your kind words and support. The neurosurgeon showed before and after pictures and I am happy to say that the aneurysm is 100 percent occluded; it literally clotted off completely during the procedure yesterday. I don’t think the surgeon had ever seen this happen before a month’s duration. Truly it is such a miracle!

awesome news! keep getting plenty of rest and know our thoughts and prayers are with you

Thank you:)

Pleased it went well


Thanks Judith :slight_smile:

Cindy....I am sure you are completely relieved! My 9.5 wide mouth aneurysm was coiled on July 10th and I can not believe how good I feel one week later. The surgeon did the coiling so tight, he was confident a stent was not needed and the coiling was 100% occluded during my procedure too! I had my follow up with my surgeon today and everything looks great. I have 2 other aneurysms but since the are both under 4mm, I wont be going in for another angiogram for a year. So nice to have the big time bomb taken care of!

When you are home, be sure to drink lots of water, get lots of rest and stay out of the heat. This will all expedite your recovery. Glad you too, ended up with an excellent surgeon just like I did. Went a few places today and everyone was shocked at how good I looked. Amazing what NOT waking up with a headache every day will do to you! I am so happy for you that your procedure went great.

Cindy and Dawn, (Both)!

How AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME !!!! Both of you feel great, both have %100 occlusion, WOW! Very happy to hear this. BOTH of you need to take it easy for a stretch though, no over-doing it. Take care and peace,

Thank you Dawn for your kind words. I am so happy this is over with. I feel pretty good ; I have some bad headaches (was already having those) and am really tired ( painkillers) I am already having less headaches than I was having before the surgery so I am praying they end ( after 2 years of almost non stop ones). But all in all not a bad procedure at all. I’m so thankful truly and am looking forward to living life again with no fear. It has been 7 months since I was diagnosed with this and this is the first time since then I am hopeful that I can live a normal life and be here for my 11 yr old daughter. I am so happy for you too; we are certainly the lucky ones considering how this could have turned out. Day 6 post ped and doing great:)

Thank you Janet!! I have been resting for the last 5 days and plan on resting for 2.5 more weeks before going back to work (work can wait). I appreciate your words of support; it is so nice talking to other survivors of brain aneurysms…only you all truly understand the mental toll it takes on one. I am humbled and amazed at all the support from people who don’t even know me. I have no family and was worried about going through this alone…but I wasn’t alone I had God, my friends and all of you right along with me:)