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Y stent and coil successfully completed

My wrist hurt for weeks. A little ice pack helped some but time for the nerves to repair itself…one of the night PAs pushed on mine and it hurt like the dickens. He said nothing wrong. My night RN was as upset as I was and said as soon as a doctor came in, he’d remove it. And he did. Now I wish I had thought to hit the PA and tell him I didn’t feel a thing roflol

I’m glad everything went well. Your story sounds a lot like mine. I had it done August 2013 and am doing fine. Still sensitive to loud noise sometimes and light. Take care

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@Jkay4 Funny you mention the loud noise and light. I went to the store on day five after the procedure and was fine at first but then at the second store I got overwhelmed by all the stimuli. It was like my brain got suddenly very tired and I teared up and needed to get to a quiet place. I slept immediately upon coming back home and felt better. I go back to teaching on August 8th, so let’s hope I am over that by then. :slight_smile: Glad to hear you are doing well at the six-year mark.

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Whenever I go to the movies, I have to wear earplugs because it’s too loud. The earplugs help. I remember feeling overwhelmed the week after. We were out to eat and I asked my husband if we could leave. The noise in the restaurant was too much and I remember crying so we left. It does get better though. Take care


Thanks, @jenniferlgro

I know when you’re back to teaching, you might not be able to wear earplugs, I use Isotunes Pro and they help tremendously, especially with high pitched noises. I don’t even bother to get clear prescription glasses anymore, always wear shades (maybe it’s because my future’s so bright🤣)

My procedure was done in 2 parts: Coiling in March, Flow diverter in May. I’m curious about the radiation as I also am losing a lot of hair. Is the radiation in the contrast solution used during the procedure?

Hi @Linda77 Angiograms and coiling/stenting are done under fluoroscopy and if it takes too long, or if you are particularly sensitive to the radiation, it can cause alopecia (hair loss). Radiation hair loss occurs 2-3 weeks after the procedure and it is dramatic. It falls out in clumps and in a square or rectangular pattern.

Only about 7% of people have this happen and it is more likely to happen to people who have ruptured. From what I understand, they track radiation exposure now for these procedures. Personally, I am at 2-1/2 weeks out so I don’t think it’s going to happen, but I’m glad my doctor warned of the possibility because I think it would be horrifying to have hair falling out in clumps unexpectedly 2-3 weeks out from the procedure.

BTW, there is a picture here on the site that shows the rectangular patch if you search “hair loss.”

Hope this helps!



Hi Jennifer. Thanks for this explanation. The hair loss I have is not in clumps. That would be terrifying if one was not prepared!