Wrapping and Pregnancy

My husband and I are looking at our options to start a family. They seem a bit limited because of my aneurysms. I did have surgery 4.5 years ago but they weren’t able to fully repair them and opted to add protection by wrapping them. What I am finding is there is very little research out there about wrapping which makes it difficult to accurately determine the risks of pregnancy. Has anyone had their unruptured aneurysm wrapped and then become pregnant? Does anyone have more information on wrapping and pregnancy?

Hi Stephani, I would schedule an appointment with your neurologist or neurosurgen if you haven't already and see what he/she advises. I am not familiar much with wrapping. I was coiled in March and also hope to try once more for kiddo #2....but await my 6month follow-up in September for more definitive answers. Though our procedures and situations different .....my neurologist indicates that in my situation, if my follow-up looks good (coils doing their job, not compacted, no other problems, etc.) we may get to proceed. I was initially especially concerned about whether the hormones and change in blood pressure with pregnancy could cause new annies ....but he told me my annie has probably been here my whole life and that my follow-ups are to watch the one I have, not look for new ones, per say...as he does not think a new one likely. Music to my ears, but I am still a little apprehensive and will seek additional opinions as this is still all so new to me.

I hope you are able to get your answers soon from your dr, and hopefully the green light to move forward soon with confidence. There are some ladies here on BAF that replied to one of my posts a few months back telling me they had successful pregnancies post surgery... so that's nice to know it has been done....and now we just need to know what is best for our own individual situations.

I also recommend you post this question on the "Ask the Doctor" discussion thread on here for additional feedback. I'll be eager to hear what you learn.... Good luck!!!


Thanks for your reply! I did consult with my neurosurgeon who was a bit indifferent. The parinatal team also spoke with my surgeon and together they will lead me in the right direction. At this point it seems like it won’t be safe to carry a child due to the limited research on wrapping. I’m still doing my own research to see if i can find additional information. Thanks for suggesting the “Ask the Doctor” section, I might just do that.

As you pointed out each situation is different and I am hopeful yours will be different. All of the doctors I spoke to said if the annies had been clipped or coiled they would give the green light with some minor precautions. Good luck with your follow up and extending your family.

I'd like to know the answer too, I had an aneurysm while I was pregnant & I'd love to get pregnant again but I'm not sure if it's safe.

Thank you, Stephanie. It sounds like your drs are working well together and will give you the best advice they can. I am sure it is so frustrating to have so little out there regarding wrapping & pregnancy....but what a blessing for these new methods that helped take care of your annie. I am so glad you are doing well. I hope you are able to find more answers to provide clarity for your decision.

And thank you for the well wishes....we'll see what the future holds for our family...All my best to you.


Hi ladies, I just started a Group entitled "Pregnancy after Aneurysm Diagnosis/Treatment" where hopefully we can share our experiences and learn from others who either have had or hope to have a baby post-annie. If you'd like to pop in and share your story, you can find it under the main menu item "Groups."