Pregnancy and Aneurysms

I was nine months pregnant --it was my due date actually-- when an MRI revealed my brain aneurysm. Doctors felt the aneurysm had bled but not ruptured. Did an emergency c-section. Three months later I had a clipping done. Unfortunately, the neck of the aneurysm is very shallow, so they actually had to use two clips and a "wrap" to try to repair the aneurysm. It was not completely eliminated. A small portion remains. After my last angiogram, I was told everything looked good and I will not need another angiogram until 2014.

Fast forward to today. I am 32. My son is now three years old and I really want to have one more child. Called the neurosurgeon's office. They said, "No problem. Just get another scan done before you get pregnant and if everything looks okay, go ahead. Keeping your blood pressure down will be important." Trouble is, I've heard other experts say the increased blood volume of pregnancy CAN increase the possibility of rupture or the formation of new aneurysms. My husband says every little headache I might have during a second pregnancy would FREAK HIM OUT!

Does anyone have any information on pregnancy and aneurysms? Is it significant that my aneurysm bled during pregnancy? Anyone on here had children after aneurysm diagnosis/rupture/repair?


I haven’t been pregnant while having an annie, but since this wouldscare your husband so bad (which it sounds as if you have discussed this a lot),would you both consider adoption?

Perhaps you and your husband could get another opinion, and if he (and you) hear for the 2nd time that the docs are okay with it, and you both really want another baby, your husband could find ways to contain his anxiety (which of course is completely understandable - but if you're medically fine to have another child, anxiety would be a sad reason not to...)

I have 3 kids, and I suppose in all likelihood my aneurysms (3) were there or in some state of development during at least 1 or 2 of those pregnancies.

I'm making a conscious decision to put my faith and trust in my doctors, and want to live my life according to their guildelines, because at this point (this is all still fairly new to me) MY internal guidelines would be to treat myself with crystal gloves!

If the doctors say it's fine, and it were me, I'd probably go along with it, knowing that they will be watching like a hawk, and able to deal with complications. But I know it's got to be anxiety provoking. Bravo to you for feeling up for the task of another baby! There's nothing like it!


Congrats on all your recovery...I hope you and your hubby will make the right decisions for you both.

Can you explain the not completely eliminated? It seems like not needing another follow-up until 2014 is that having an aneurysm not eliminated completely is incidental...

A local peer had her aneurysm rupture before her baby was born; and, who is now a year old...she has had a lot more recovery issues than you noted.

I hope you and your hubby will put together all your questions and visit with your neuro and/or get a second opinion. So hope you do what is right for both you and your hubby.


I have to agree with Jennifer, most likely many of us had our aneurysms during pregnancy and didn’t know it. I agree, a second opinion is definitely a good idea. If you go to Dr Oz’s FB page, he is doing a live webchat on questions about pregnancy. What a great question that would be for him! There have been quite a few on these boards through out the years with the same question and many who have had ruptures and gone on to have healthy pregnancies. Good luck to you both and take care, Kim

I’m not medically savvy enough to know exactly how to describe it. . .the doctors said the very base of the neck of the aneurysm is still there. (Normally after a clipping the aneurysm would be gone.) They clipped it twice and wrapped it, but chose not to clip it all the way down at the base because I would have lost the vision in my right eye. So, the aneurysm remains and continues to pose, not a tremendous risk, but a slight risk of bleeding or rupture. That’s why I don’t have to check it until 2014. And if it looks good then, I wouldn’t have to check it again for another 5 years.

Hi Rebekah - as my wife and I are deciding whether to have a baby with her stent, we were curious if you decided whether or not to have a baby? Would you be willing to share an update? Many thanks - Reagan

Hi Reagan,

We ended up getting a clear MRI (no changes) in 2011. In the end, we decided not to try for a baby. I think if I didn't already have a child, I would have gone ahead and gotten pregnant, but in the end I couldn't bear the thought of something happening to me and leaving my son without a mom. Of course, the aneurysm could still re-bleed regardless of whether or not I ever get pregnant again, but I don't want to increase that risk any more than necessary.

I know stents are different than aneurysm clips, so this update may not be that helpful. We are considering adoption down the road when our son is a little older.

I wish you and your wife all the best. I know this is a difficult and very personal decision to make. Honestly, if either of you are very anxious people or if your wife finds herself worrying a lot about the stent now, I wouldn't do it. I agree with much of what was posted above. Even if everything turned out okay, the worrying can be pretty awful.

On the other hand, I don't want to dissuade you. We all have to live life as fully as we possibly can. I know none of us want to be ruled by our health conditions. If you haven't already, ask your docs what the effects of the hemodynamic changes of pregnancy might be on a stent. Blood volume changes are huge during and after pregnancy. Then, once you have your answers, follow your hearts!

Blessings, Rebekah

Hi there I have had two children since my rupture had them both naturally and I have had a scan since and everything is fine. Try not to worry my children are 8 and 5 now and I was only 23 when mine ruptured anything you want to ask at all message me and I will answer as honestly as I can.