Would like to introduce myself to all of you :)

Hi, my name is Linda.

I was diagnosed on Feb 22, 2011 with an unruptured 17mm basilar tip aneurysm.
I awoke that morning with double vision, and intuitively knew that it was my brain, and not my eyes. I spent the day in a waiting room at the hospital, and then finally saw a doctor and was sent for a CT scan which confirmed my suspicions.
I have had MRI/MRA and angiogram and am scheduled for April 5th for endovascular coiling. After the angio, I was told that the neck is very wide, and there seems to be some challenge with the left vessel (artery) under the aneurysm, and so a stent will probably be placed as well.
Besides being worried that this thing will "POP" before surgery date, I'm also concerned about the procedure itself.
Now that I know I have it, the past year or so of feeling less and less capable of focusing/concentrating makes sense. I'm wondering if I will be better able to do those things after the surgery??
As I said, as the date nears, I'm getting more and more nervous...I'm not typically an anxious person, but this ordeal has really thrown my life upside down. Most days, I can be positive and have a good sense of humor, but I have other days in which I have a very difficult time accepting this "condition", which as my doctor tried to explain to me, I will ALWAYS have...even after it's treated.
I'm glad I found this site...I haven't read any other stories, YET, but am sure that I will get a lot of help here, and not feel so "alone" with this. I have great support from family and friends, and yet, just feel like no one REALLY understands...

UPDATE...I wrote the above last night, after finding this site, and have now had time to read a lot of YOUR stories! I feel much better knowing I am not alone :)

I am in Montreal, Canada. I was asked to take part in a research/study by my doctor. I spent 2 hours this week doing memory type tests while being scanned in the MRI. I go this Friday to do 2 more hours of problem solving tests (not in the scanner). The same tests will be performed one month AFTER the surgery. I feel good about being able to "give back". Since my diagnosis, I have done tons of internet research on aneurysms, and although there is much known, there is SO MUCH STILL NOT KNOWN! (especially on unruptured ones)

Look forward to getting to know some of you...


Just to let you know, when they fixed my unruptured annie 6 months after they fixed my ruptured annie, they had to do a stent with the coils too. They went through my groin. They said it’s such a common procedure that they were going to send me home the next day. I requested to stay another day to which they agreed. But everybody heals differently and handles the surgery different. You will be in my prayers. hang in there!

Hi Sweetie...I had an unruptured, but leaky 9mm basilar tip annie...Welcome...! I don't see many of us ... the basilar tip...anyways...I was coiled on November 30th...had some complications I will not get into at this time, but it has been 3 1/2 months...and it is a long journey... I think your feelings are very natural...this is how I was...went on with my life b4 the coiling, but then it was always in the back of my head, no pun intended...Doc ordered me some xanax at the time...and that really helped the days that were tough b4 surgery...they found another annie...it is small and right now it would be more dangerous to do anything...so I have learned that after the surgery...you have new challenges and a new normal...God Speed...and Cyber~thoughts and hugs are coming your way...Colleen

You aren't alone...keep posting...that will help...I don't think I would have made the surgery without this site...