Diagnosed in ER last night with a basilar tip Annie and wouldn’t you know it... I’m freaking out!

This is my very first post and I’m glad I found this for him as I’ve read quite a few stories so far that were helpful. I was getting headaches for the past couple weeks with really bad Eye strain and some cognitive issues. Decided to go to the ER last night and they did a full work up with CT and MRI with contrast. Dr. said they found a 1.7 mm aneurysm on the basilar tip. He didn’t seem very concerned at all and even spoke to a neurologist while I was there they didn’t seem concerned at all either. My first question is, what size aneurysm were any of you nice people diagnosed with and what did your neurologist say about procedures to repair versus observation of an aneurysm that small. I really can’t understand why they weren’t concerned too much about it even though it was a smaller one apparently. The word aneurysm in general scares the hell out of me so I’m not sure what to think. I’m going to follow up with a neurologist very soon but just wanted some user feedback if you guys had time.

Hi , I think that their not to concern is because to them it’s quite small and they won’t go in and fix until it’s needed as going in to early could have a worse outcome but u should have check ups and they will see how or even if it grows as not all do , I’ve had a rupture 3 years ago and mine was a 8mm, I also have to more 3m,2m, but they are watching and waiting too even thou I’m more likely to have a rupture, so I just have to trust them as they are the ones that no more about this, it is scary but try not to worry as u are being checked and that’s a good thing as just like me I didn’t even know I had one until it was to late , so Think that as a postive thought , hope this has helped u and try not to stress , take care :slight_smile:

Should of said aswell that the other two was found when they went in to fix the ruptured one , so u would of thought why not fix the others while their there but they had they reason and didn’t , so it must of been for the best outcome for me , just not good that their is still two but I try to not think about it and just live life calmly and not get stressed over things that don’t really need to b stressed about ,

I just had my small basilar tip aneurysm coiled on December 21. The first neurosurgeon I went to told me in big deal and not to worry about it. The second neurosurgeon I went to told me if then surgeons were in the room, five would fix and five would not- helpful right? Pardon the sarcasm. I sent my images to Dr. Kenneth Liu at Penn State Hershey PA. He said he would fix it and he did. He said he sees small aneurysms rupture also and he sees it frequently in clinical. Please look him up on Facebook, he is amazing and will respond to your questions. My first imaging showed it was 2mm but when he coiled it, it was larger. He also had to put in a stent. Let me know if you have other questions.