WOOHOO - 1 year is Tuesday 3/19

It really brings me joy - it is the most important day of my life. Thanks to all who have given me support in the past - it has helped me as I hope I have helped others


Congratulations, that one year mark can be a real monument.
Hope it continues for you.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team


Happy dancing for you! Its a big milestone :):grinning:


Yeah! Today is my 5 year mark! I celebrate me every year with a :pray:t3: that I’m still here! Here is to many more March 19th’s!


Happy Dance for you too SherZoe!


Happy Annieversary! May there be many more! 3/18 was my 21st annieversary & I celebrate every year!


WOW!!! Happy belated Anniversary!! Every anniversary will feel like this one…I promise. OK…guess I can’t promise, yet, it has for me!!

My anniversary is April 1st!!! YEP…April Fools Day!! And the joke wasn’t on me, thankfully!!

We have a “Survival” party around 4/1 every year now. Big and/or small. Just to celebrate being here!! Next week…18 years!!

Good for you for having the right attitude!! Took me a couple years to get to where you are!

Take care and love every day…

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We have a party too! It’s a great time to thank all those who continue to support us on this road well traveled.


What a sweet dog as your picture. That face!!

“KipKate” are the names of my dogs. Kip is now gone, Kate is here with me.

I don’t know what I would’ve done if I hadn’t had my dogs during my waiting and then recovery time/s. Kip was with me during the 1st aneurysm and Kate during the 2nd.

Besides my spouse…they really helped me so much. Hope your pup is the same for you.

Take care and keep partying!!


Mary, the picture is of Ohana, she’s a cuddle bunny! She stops me whenever I’m doing too much. Moltroub was our cat, Molly and the Labrador who saved me life when I ruptured, Trouble. We had to put Trouble down two weeks after I ruptured. We inherited Nina, my mom’s dog after she and Dad passed away. They keep me well loved and busy :slight_smile:

Thank God! Wishing you the best! Everyday is a new birthday for you!

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Congrats on your one year anniversary! Mine was April 14th and I go for scans next month. I worried a lot at first and then it hit me that I’m in my 60’s, some don’t make it to 60, so instead of why me I try to think why not me. I tell myself there are worse things than a little 2 mm anni in my brain. I’m hopeful it’s still 2 mm anyway.
Honestly, I don’t think about it too much anymore but the idea of surgery scares the you-know-what out of me. Thank you all for sharing your experiences and knowledge on this site. If the day comes when I do have to have the surgery, I will think all of you who have already gone through it and shared your story here.

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appreciate that - i will make it behind you yearly!

that is wonderful and let’s me know there is a future

so how do you have a party - how do you do it - I think i would like to do that

1 of them was bad enough - praying I don’t have another! congratulations for surviving both

i am so sorry for your loss - don’t know if I would have handled that so well - but at 14 days it would not have registered - i have 2 at home and 4 next door (we just put our wonderful Haley down a month ago - it was her time and it almost seemed like she was asking - but she loved and loved each day, even through the pain - makes me tear up thinking about her)

do you have an update? how did the surgery go?

My 2nd CT scan was actually today! Not sure if I should change Neurosurgeons but it took me a while to get a response and referral for the scan which I found frustrating. When I contacted her office in Feb they said to wait until May, so I waited patiently but then it took at least 6 phone calls to actually get it scheduled. I’m curious if others have had this kind of issue? I’m not sure if it’s the area I live in or the fact that I’m now on Medicare or if all Neurosurgeon offices operate this way. Also curious if I can expect to get results over the phone or will I have to wait for an appointment. There’s my anxiety surfacing again.
During the last year I learned why my left leg hurt when I walked very far. I had 3 blockages in my thigh and had angioplasty done. Funny thing is I learned this because I was sent to a vascular surgeon by mistake for the brain anni. When I told him about the discomfort with walking and showed him that my left calf was shrinking he did a CD scan on my legs. The angioplasty was an easy fix and it’s great to be able to walk without hurting. I had talked to 2 other doc’s about the leg and they just gave me blank looks and offered no suggestions so I guess I can thank the anni for leading me to that vascular surgeon. lol
Over the past year and a half I’ve come to terms with the idea of retiring sooner than planned. I’m doing some things to get some things done as possible to my home while still working and when those are paid for I’m pretty sure I’ll be ready to stop working and start playing a little while I still can.
Any advice about the doc’s and getting results over the phone is appreciated. Also, this doctor basically said my risk with surgery are pretty equal to doing nothing.
I love the idea of celebrating each year like another birthday! Think I will do the same. I also want to say thanks to all of you and this site. It’s a comfort to have a place to go where we can go to not feel alone on this journey and to know there are peeps who really understand the gambit of emotions and fears one can go through while waiting for updates and answers.
Thanks everyone and thanks to you Ben for starting this site. Take care everyone.

Not sure how KipKate does her parties, we have ours around Nov 13, when I ruptured. We pick a restaurant, invite all the folks who’ve been supportive and enjoy each other’s company. If I had ruptured earlier in the year, we would probably grill out. Some folks live to far away but we always invite them. What we have learned so those that truly support us are our true friends.

Hope KipKate shares her version!