1 Year Anniversary!

Today is the 1yr anniversary of my clipping. I almost feel like it's my birthday, I should have taken off work and celebrated....lol! I still feel blessed every day that my surgery was successful and I was able to return to work not long afterwards. Thank you Dr. Tamargo!

I did face some obstacles during the year but I was so glad to have found this support group. Without this group it would have been a lot harder for me mentally. No one else understands what you go thru mentally, physically and psychologically except people who have been thru this.

I remember a coworker of mine suffered a brain aneurysm at work many many years ago. No one knew what was happening to her at the time but all I could see was that she was choking on her lunch. I ran over to help her and cleared her throat but had no idea what to do next... I had no emergency training. She died later at the hospital and we found out that she had an annie rupture. I've thought of her many times over the years and I feel like she was looking down at me during my surgery and help save me like I tried to save her.

....I'm crying now just thinking about it. rip Eileen xoxo

but today I celebrate! I'm thankful for my blessings and that I can enjoy my life and my family and just enjoy the little things in life so much more. Today is a magical day :)

and a special thanks to you all for being so supportive!

oh, and today I'm releasing 2 yellow balloons to represent my annies. For some reason I just associate them with the color yellow. I googled what yellow represents and I read that the Native Americans interpreted it to symbolize love and overcoming challenges..... seems so appropriate now :)

Happy 1 Year ~ Annie ~ Versary....This is wonderful Valerie...wishing you a beautiful day and celebration...~ Cheers to Life...~ Colleen

Valerie -

How awesome ! Have a wonderful celebration today (and I love your yellow balloons idea, and isn't that interesting what the color represents!)

Peace, Janet

Happy Annieversary Valerie. Everyday that we wake up on this side of the ground is a wonderful day of celebration. Like you I m so glad to have found this site. Everyone can tell you what to expect but it’s not the same as talking to some one that has been thru it.

Thanks for the well wishes everyone and I love the annie...versary, that's too cute!

Funny thing, when I went to get 2 balloons they didn't have any plain yellow, only smiley face one's. I had to get them, thought that would be even better. Released my little smilies into the sky last night :)

hi Valerie happy belated first!!!!!!! I am four on that day---sorry I missed this, I guess we are twins? lol. So sorry to hear loss of friend Eileen, my sisters friend- 18 was taken away too at their work~rip Michael. Oddly enough I missed my first- too much going on-getting financing to build an addition etc etc. anyway best of luck to you but keeping you in thoughts and prayers ~

thank you Ron and happy annie--versary to you too!

best wishes :)

Valerie....congratulations and wishes for many more happy years for you...

As for yellow...it is a happy color...our sun and our moon...

I began my 10th anniversary of 06/22/03 with my first of three emergencies in 29 days. I can remember, so clearly, stepping down into a garage, looking out the door, at the gorgeous sunny, warm day...and, the plans for the rest of the day on down to dinner/theater...Then, last week, the beautiful, impressive moon...

Yes, yellow is magnificently beautiful...

Wishes for today's celebration and for every day for celebration...


thank you Pat :)