Will I be different

I have read a lot of post annie stories and many people refer to themselves as the new me,I am scheduled for a coiling on 11/28/11. I wish I knew what the new me means,any help for me out there today

Hi Doreen: I'm so sorry you have to wait so long for treatment! I can't imagine how hard the wait is on you. I am not slated for treatment for my annies, they are all watch and wait. I have read on this site many have had no or nearly no negative outcomes after recovering from treatment. Think positive.... and yes, I think it's a good idea to get an RX for the anxiety. I had severe depression hit after mine were discovered because right after, my mom got sick and died. I am taking something for that and believe it has helped a little. My hair fell out too but I was told it was from the chemicals from all the tests I had done. Sounds like it could be from stress too. I think it's getting better now. I wish you well and just know you'll be OK. Hang in there! Cyber hugs to you. :) Mitch

Hi Mitch,Thank you so much for writing,the waiting is very tough.The Dr. did give me the option to wait and watch but I had a small stroke,which is how they found the annie,so I got the feeling he thought I was better off doing it now.I did think about it for two weeks before making the desicion because my older brother was very ill and I lost him on 10/09/11 , after he died that the depression and anxiety hit me.It was then that I realized I couldn't live with it.I am 59 yrs old and with a history of high BP,my annie is 6- 7 mm,it's got to go.I am so grateful that you reached out and wrote to me,you sound so positive,maybe it will rub off on me,gonna talk to my PMD about something for the anxiety,it's getting to me,I will hang in there and hope the time passes quickly.Cyber hug back at you ,Doreen

hi doreen,

i can only speak for myself, because im sure we all look at this "new me" definition differently. i never sen myself as being vulnderable to something that could take my life, but i was, and for that i am new. i try to love my family stronger..i like to stay home more than going out with friends..i also am alot more cautious n everything i do, to make sure nothing like happens again..but i refuse to stop living that God has gifted me with..so i adjust to this NEW life i have and my new outlook is "appreciate all and taking nothing for granted"..its gonna be fine just take ur recovery slowvn easy n try to keep a positive attitude..you'll be great...God bless

Hi Michelle,How right you are,we never see ourselves as vulnerable and when something like this happens,it has to change us.You sound like your change is very a very positive one.I hope mine is similar.What is more important then loving your family and appreciating what you are blessed with,thank you for reaching out to me,it really helps,Doreen

I'm just the same as before... Just get tired faster, but that;s getting better... Thank God..

I had a coiling sept. 30, 2011 for an unruptured aneurysm. I can say that I am different. I appreciate my family more, I am closer to God, and I am slower to anger. I seem to be tired alot more which I am going to request a cbc because I am on the plavix and aspirin regimen. I also have some strange tingling on my head at times but this is also getting better. We know what you are going through and all of the scary thoughts that keep you awake at night but rest assured God is with you all you have to do is ask and gather your family for support to talk about your fears.

Hi Princess,Thank You for responding,I could live with that,Doreen

Hi Doreen...everyone is different...but most with Aneurysm journey's donot go through without change...if nothing, but an appreciation for Life...and being Blessed to be alive...as far as the physical changes...the "new normal"...I for example...loved being the life of the party...now crowds and loud noises are rough on my head...(things echo)...but this doesn't happen to everyone...I find it is better to embrace the changes and celebrate the life we have beeen given...

One step at a time for you...Gotcha in my Thoughts and prayers...Colleen

Hi Tanya,You sound new and improved except for the fatigue,thank you so much for taking the time to send me positive feedback.My coiling is scheduled for 11/28/11,the waiting is tough,people like you make it easier,Doreen

Before I loved going to concerts and socializing often-now not so much. I become tired quickly, sleep alot, to much noise aggravates me-and now I enjoy being a homebody. Before I think I was more confident and efficient, and now I find I am not so. I double check a lot of things I do and find myself writing a bunch of notes-due to short term memory issue.

Hi Sturdyville,Thank you for taking the time to share your experiance with me,Doreen

I just had coiling and a stent put in October 24. I didn't have headaches before - I had really bad ones in the hospital - they are getting much better. I also get very fatigued and have to go to bed early or take naps in the day (which helps the headaches). I am not sure I would call myself a "new me" now, although I may later.

Where is your annie located?


Doreen: Sending good thoughts and prayers your way! I feel (emotionally) pretty much the same- I have always been somewhat of a worrier and that seems to be worse now...Like many people, my husbnd and I were struggling to "make it" through this economy (we are both Realtors..) when my rupture occured- although I would guess that there is NEVER a "good time" for an brain aneurysm diagnosis- of any kind! I haven't worked, at all, since my hospitalization so perhaps when I do start working again, I will notice some changes....That being said, I do have some issues with short term memory and paying attention!

Now, physically is a different story....I have major issues with gait and cotrolling the left leg---so in that respect- there is a "new" me but I tend to think of it as a more "temporary" me- I might be fooling myself but I have to have hope...

I feeling childish even saying this- I still cannot believe this happened...I am sure there are many people on this site who echo that thought- Keep us updated-

As I said- sending you good thought and prayers- Dana

dana i know how you fel, it's a struggle to put it behind us. I had a rupture and can't believe it, nor do i want to. best wishes

Doreen, My name is Amy and I had an annie in June 6th, 2011. I would say that my major issues are short term memory loss, hair loss, itchy head, and trying to find the word when I can't remember it. Things are getting better though. I have almost completed my speech therapy and they say I am doing really well. On this Tuesday, I will be meeting with a man named Thomas Ritter for Vocational Rehab for the state of Pennsylvania. I am still tired, dealing with my emotions but, I found I am closer to God and he gave me a second chance. Also, closer to my family. I will be praying for you!

God Bless you, Amy

im reading all the posts and remembering back when i 1st came home from the hospital...i was so grateful to still be alive but was looking for an escape from the fear i was feeling inside..scenes of the night it happened flashing everytime i closed my eyes to try n rest..my escape was God..i was eat,drinking and sleeping God..my tv was permanently on the religious channel..it seemed to calm me listening to his word while awake n asleep..then one day i had to call in to ask for prayer to restore my sound mind n body..i couldnt keep going w/this fear surrounding me..the lady on the line was heaven sent.."literally"..she explained to me that the devil wants to tear families apart, he wants to cause chaos n make it seem like u have no control..and like nothing more than to see the backbone of a family to be removed...we prayed n i tell u i was a different person after that..i was going to,w/Gods help, regain my confidence n shake the timid feelings that were brought on by my anny..when i learned to no longer be afraid the panick attacks came far n few between..i learned to let go n let God...it saved my life, my mind n taught me to put my worries n his hands..life has been much easier..i hope this is able to help anyone else out there struggling..give it over to God n u will get better ...life is good n God is great

well put michelle

thank u sweetpea ;)

Hi Doreen, I’m hoping you are feeling good- I see your coiling is coming up! Lots of prayers for a speedy recovery!