Hey All - CB again

Boston, 9 mm annie on carotid

I am with so many more questions.

One, I am having coiling on October, 18, at MGH, w/Olgivy, and am insane, about this. Do you wake up a different person, do you have brain changes, from coiling, or do you go on w/your life as usual? Can this annie reappear after coiling? I don't know, some ppl say, you can become really depressed, emotionless, varying degrees of changes, and I am already depressed enough, due to 2 other MAJOR illnesses in my life, one of which my husband passed away, GRRR, now this is making me think of nothing but this annie. I KNOW I asked Dr. O soooo many questions, I KNOW they do this all the time, BUT, I am of the scale w/incredible fear, anyone else?

Why do they wait so long, and what if?

I am so scared.


your gonna be fine…it def gives u a greater appreciation of life n all that it has to offer…just be sure to tryn n keep a positive attitude n like jim, ur sense of humor…i look at it like"if God brings you to it, God will walk you thru it"…take all the naps u like n rest,rest,rest…it is major surgery messing w/our brains so take plenty of time to recoop…keeping you n my prayers for quick recovery n happiness n the future…keep ur faith close n God will hold you tight…prayers n love…we r all survivors…STAY STRONG! :slight_smile:

Silly man! LOL

So, what do you mean short term memory issues?

I appreciate sooo much now, my son is an 11 yr survivor of a malignant BT, all done at MGH, long story, but that nearly knocked me down, now this, grrrrrrrrr! Dede smiles when she talks about you!!

I didn’t have mine coiled but I had two 7mm aneurysms clipped this summer in June and July also by Dr Ogilvy. He did a fabulous job and I am doing great! Everyone is amazed at how quickly I am recovering. I go to the gym 5-6 times per week. I get a little tired once in a while and my short term memory isn’t always the greatest but it is temporary and I have no problem living with that for now. He is the best doctor and MG is the best hospital. You will do fine too! You are in good hands. I’ll be thinking of you!

Hi is so normal to be is the "unknown"...and everyone is different going through this journey...I think you need to is a long journey...and rest is foremost for your brain...and realizing once you are diagnosed with a Brain Aneurysm it changes you...Jim is so right...You will have a bigger appreciation for life and every moment...try and keep it positive and know you are doing everything you should...and in time this will all be behind you...Gotcha in my prayers...Colleen