When do headaches stop

I had a leaked cartoid 3mm annie and reading notes from doctor may have been originally 5mm coiled on Nov 16th. I had pain really bad pain around december 13 and went back to ER to get checked. I had large amount of swelling that started the pain and still bleeding still needed to be absorbed. Here it is almost a little over a month later and I am getting the pains flying across my head and eye not sure what to do. I can barely function. The dr say it is a new pain go to ER but I feel like a fool if they say it swelling again. And another weird thing that I have not heard anyone mention is my left ear has pain and it fills full and hot and cold really weird. I HATE this pain all the time!! The dr said I could go back to work in 2 1/2 weeks and I did. But I have missed alot cause of the pain I can’t handle. Maybe I need new meds for the pain?? Thanks for reading and listening.

I would defintilty have the doc. write me off work until this is under control.    I myself, don't take vague answers from a doc very well.   I want answers.   Don't be afaid to be persuasive or persistant with them.  After all, you are paying them to work for you (they forget that sometimes).    Maybe a new MRI would show something,  just a thought.   I hope you get better.

I was told, and it's good advice (but hard to take) that this is NOT the time to worry what other's think, and that if you need to call the doc, go to the ER, then forget what others may think and take care of yourself. We all need reassurance, and when symptoms are odd, the anxiety and fear are just too much. That said, I also struggle with the "embarrassment" of requiring extra attention around this, so I get it, but my friend's advice is very good.

I just read another post (just above yours right now) where someone mentioned ear pain.

Sorry that you're dealing with this Kim. It has to and will get better.


Kim I had stent and coiling for left ophthalmic artery aneurysm on 1-11-11. Since then I feel like my left ear was pressure in like swimmers ear but its not inside it like around the outside, hard to explain, also my left eye seems to get a fog in front of it once in awhile, bothers me to head a lot. The headaches have gotten better, as long as I do nothing but if I exert myself at all they come back. Really frustrating!!! The bad time for me is bedtime, when I lay down my neck hurts and the headaches start, no way to get comfortable. Tried inclining and sleeping in recliner, not sure why all this starts when I lay down but it does, drives me nuts. So I know what you are going through!!! Take care feel better! margaret

  I'm on dilaudid for pain and that doesn't even touch my head aches.   When tylenol and ibuprofin fail.   I resort to aspirin.  The one med that we are not suppose to have,  seems to be the only one that helps me.  Go figure.   I wouldn't recommend it to anyone because it thins the blood though.

kim-don’t concern yourself with the doctors if the ER doctor doesn’t hep go to another, because the brain is a touchy area that very little research has been done in. I ended up going out of state to find a doctor that I felt comfortable with. The doctor that done your surgery-will not continue to see you following your surgery? I believe doctors send people back to work to soon following surgery, too. Doctors should be more emphathetic concerning the fatigue, dizziness with the blood thinners, other medication side effects,-and whatever (such as pains)-and take these factors into consideration before sending people back to work (at least wait until a first check-up is completed).

Thanks Ben, Jennifer, Margaret and Lisa for responding to my forum discussion. I did get to my primary physcian today. He is referring me to a neurologist because my ear is fine. HOWEVER, I mention to him for about 3 to 4 weeks getting very dizzy when I go to bed, but not when I wake up. He believe I have beneign positional vertigo. YOU can get vertigo from a head trama. I have not hurt my head in any way just had the annie. He also thinks that my ear and face pain could be in neck arthritis, new to me but he is not sure just a guess that why I am going to the neourologist. I have only been to a endo nero and a nero surgeon. So I am eager to hear any new info on this terrible pain. The left ear and left side of face including my ear is such pain but some times I notice the pain go away when I am eating isn't that the funnest thing!!! Thanks for listening.

Hi Kim-

Bells just went off when I read your last reply.....has anyone considered that this could be a TMJ (temporal-mandibular-joint....aka, jaw) problem? Years ago I had horrible TMJ and ended up actually having arthroscopic surgery on both sides of my jaw - but TMJ problems could account for your symptoms. Maybe something to throw out to your doctor - wouldn't it be relieving if this has nothing to do with your brain?!?! It's hard when the symptoms are in/on the head or feel neurological in origin - I think my first thoughts will always be about my brain. Glad you got that appt - I just saw my neurologist (not surgeon) a few days ago and it was a really good appt.
I've also struggled (years ago) w/ benign positional vertigo.... no matter what the cause, the symptoms are really unsettling.
Hope that your weekend is good!



I have a lot of pulsations, etc...when I lie down and when I get up...I think mine is related to blood flow changes because I have heart palpitations when I first lie down...do yoga deep breathing...and there's more... Mine has been for 7+ years....

Sleep on my back, with a firm pillow under my knees and a small pillow under my neck...both are from Relax-a-Back...The pillow under my neck is far better for me than the standard pillows.


Ben, what do you mean the one med you're not supposed to have?

I take no meds so I get lost in talking about them...except for encouraging everyone to read the instructions (name of page?); go to the FDA access site, to join one of the groups on the 'net i.e. worstpills.org... Can also go to Merck.com for a lot of info...and, other sites...



So glad to read your comments on delaying return to work... I think that is so important for recovery.

Now to display my age! My first concern is for each of you...the second is for your employer... who has to shuffle coverage for the bad days when one cannot report in, and, they also have potential issues w/safety. I am tripping on a name (my short-term memory and aphasias) of a young member here who said he had to return to work, long hours, and would be so exhausted...



So sorry you are going thru so much...I hope you have disability with your employer...and, a good manager and H/R...I hope you get the needed rest for recovery...and, whatever med assistance is needed...

Is your aneurysm near the ophthalmic artery branching off the carotid?

Prayers to you for your recovery...


Hi Jennifer, well I know it is not TMJ. Had that once for a short time a few years ago. This morning when I woke up the pain I had on the left side of the head that went down into me ear, just started on the right ear. I stood in my bathroom and felt it, thinking oh my is it going to start in both side of the head at the same time.The pain stoped haven’t felt if for awhile. I dont believe this is arthitis in the neck because the pain is on the top of my head strimming down to my ears.

Funny I am the HR at my company and no I am not on disability. Since the beginning no one has was said you need to be on disability, Coiling dr says you will be back to work in a week, and also said I would not have headaches anymore. I took 2 1/2 weeks though before I went back to work. This last week was hard because of the pain, So I guess when my sick time runs out I will depand disability but I have to think good thoughts maybe I will feel better and the head pain will get better in time that is what everyone is saying.

Kim, I know it is important we return to our normal lives (whatever normal is)-but please do not force yourself back to work-listen to your body and what it is telling you. Will say a prayer for you and please keep us informed as to how you are.

Hello friend. I had a SAH in the Circle of Willis 10NOV2009. All I can tell you is to take it easy for now. It is much too early to go back to work and load your brain with too much information. I went back to work in less than a month...three months after, I was nearly hospitalized again for overload.

I can tell you this. Be patient because these headaches do get better. It has been a year for me and even though they have not gone completely, they don't hurt as much as they once did. Take care of yourself and don't push to hard. Recovery has its own plans for you.


Am I the only one working after 2 1/2 weeks leaked annie and coiled?? It has been 9 weeks and all of the sudden I am feeling worse. Going to a nerologist soon. I am assuming alot of people are on disability. I have some anger today because they has tough and coming home to rest.

Hi Jamie can you explain to me about how you got hospitalized for overload?? I am trying to take it easy but want to know what you went through. Thanks Kim

Hi Kim -

You've had a rougher road than I have - I was coiled/stented on Oct 29 but hadn't ruptured. I'm almost scared I'll jinx it, but I can say for the past week and a half that I've had more headache-free days than headache-filled days. Our surgeries were about 2 weeks apart - I imagine that time is just what it will take. I just love (heavy sarcasm) that the docs seem surpirsed to hear about ongoing headaches! Even my neurologist (not neurosurgeon) seemed surpirsed and put the headaches more in the migraine category, when I clearly feel they're post-surgery related. 3 1/2 hrs of poking around in 2 aneurysms in my brain, left w/ stent and coils....seems ridiculous to think it WOULDN"T cause big headaches. I hope you get some relief soon!!!


i have resorted to seeing a pain mgmt dr because everything my nuero or pcp was prescribing did not help at all …am taking 10/325mg loritab as needed ,which isnt everyday but sure is a lifesaver when i get a bad headache…hope this helps