What lead to your diagnosis?

How did you find out about your aneurysmn? Did you have symptons and if so what were they? Or did it rupture with no warning signs?

I had a massive headache, enough to make me go to the ER. They did a CT scan and mis-diagnosed it as a tension headache, but I followed up with a neurologist that ordered MRI/MRA and found the aneurysm. Other than the headache, I had blurred vision, hearing problems, numbness/tingling on my right side, stiffness in my neck, and what felt like muscle spasms in my head & neck. When I went in to have surgery, the Drs said that I had a pre-rupture leak that caused all of my symptoms. My aneurysm was able to be surgically clipped prior to rupturing.

my eyes couldnt focus one day and im like what the heck i was tring to fucus them then my head felt like it was flip flopping and my tounge went numb…it lasted about maybe 30 sec. i knew something was wrong i told my dr. i thought i had a mini stroke, she sent me for a mri…results showed possible annie…nooo way i thought then had a mra yep sure enough a large annie behind my eyes had to go to jefferson hosp in phila right away…

No symptoms - mine was found incidentally. My Dr. sent me for an MRA just to be cautious about an occassional temporary headache when working out - likely a breathing issue. Found the aneurysm and had it clipped a couple of months ago. Very lucky as the doctor said after surgery that it looked like it would have ruptured within the year.

I just remembered - before the surgery I suffered for a couple of years or more from a terrible allergy problem that would wake me in the middle of the night with itching in the back of my throat and in my ears. I was taking Claritin on nearly a daily basis to stop it. Since surgery I have not had to take claritin or nor have I experienced this problem. Now I think it may have been a symptom - have not yet discussed it with my neuro.

I had a stroke , and didia MRI and found it

I didn’t have any warning-signs or symptoms. I was 53 when it happened (in 2005), and probably healthier than I had ever been in my life, jogging 4 times a week, doing yoga every day, no weight or cholesterol problem… just feeling at the top of my game. And then suddenly, out of left field, when we had just sat down to eat dinner, I had this explosion in my brain. I grabbed my head and told my husband “Oh my God, I think I’m having an aneurysm-rupture”! As you can imagine, he looked at me like I had lost my mind. But when I dropped to the floor and yelled “Call 911” he realized something was terribly wrong. At the ER the CT-scan revealed I was right, a bleed in my right frontal lobe, actually pretty high, at the cingulate, and I needed immediate surgery. They clipped the aneurysm, and I was VERY FORTUNATE over time to make a remarkable recovery. I did have to have 4 craniotomies in 8 months though because the incision site kept weeping and not healing properly because the skull rejected the bone-flap. Once it had been re-placed with titanium though it healed.

Mine ruptured with no warning when I was 18. Felt like I had been struck by lightning. I could feel the blood running down inside my neck and the pressure changed in my ears. To ER-CT confirmed the bleed. Took them a year to find the aneurysm-clipped it. And, Thank God 22 years later I am here and happy!

I had very bad vertigo the nuro sent me for tests mri,mra.cta scan and they found it…they say the vertigo is just a different problem…

Mine ruptured without any warning, . I felt when it first ruptured that I was going to pass out. I then started to throw up and was very dizzy. I had a real bad headache. I thought I had the flu.

No warning. No symptoms. I was at my aerobic dance class. Got up from floor work and started wondering around, holding my head as it hurt very badly. A couple of nurses in my class noticed me and had me sit down. I started vomiting and they asked if I wanted 911 called. I did. Ended up with two aneurysm’s clipped, one had ruptured, the other was found during surgery. ICU for a little more than 3 weeks and have a shunt to drain fluid. I was back to my aerobic dance class and all other organization duties, etc. within 3 months. Wonderful surgeon. I’m a miracle. No residual effects. I will have two-year check-up/angio in Nov. 2010.

Similar to Jim, I had no obvious symptoms, I was in a meeting and it ruptured. Massive headache, loss of sensory input, ambulance, life flight, cerebral angiogram, surgery.

No warnings whatsoever. I am a healthy person - 52 - runner, biker, low cholesterol, blood pressure etc. Thanksgiving morning 2009. All was good - expecting 15 for dinner. I was struggling with my 28 pound bird - wouldn’t go back in to the oven easily - so was bent over pushing the rack for a minute or more. Finally got it in, stood upright very fast - and felt like the top of my head got sheared off. Massive headache moved down the back of my head, sweaty, and tingly fingers. Told my daughter to get Dad. Ambulance, moved to Yale because I needed Dr Gunel! Crainiotomy and clip and brain drain. ICU 10 days and regular 5 days. Back to work March 1 - 1 day in and 4 from home. Up to 2 days now. Major fatigue and some headaches - that is about it!

WOW, Kat, your story sounds so similar to mine… I was 53 when it happened, also runner and excellent health… also the same kind of pain… and also ok after surgery and rehab… and lots of time. Mine happened in 05, and I’m almost back to normal… There are just subtle changes that remain; my emotional sensitivity is still somewhat blunted from before; fatigue is still a factor; and my motivation-center had been damaged and it still isn’t what it used to be - but I’m getting there. For me the hardest was that I couldn’t run and work out anymore the way I used to and started putting on weight. I have just recently finally found my way with an exercise-regimen that is manageable and a way to restrict calories that is working for me, so for the first time in five years I have started to lose weight. I am rooting for you that your recovery will move along faster… you are obviously doing remarkably well! YEAH!!!

I am very new to this (and not terribly computer literate) but I was very touched by you message. I had no symptons and passed out at home alone and apparently was there for 24 hours. They discovered the ruptured aneuysm - and six more. It took 4 surgeries in a little over a year. But I am doing well now and count blessings every day. Your comments about exercise hit close to home as I have been working out for about a year and I do find strength and stamina have increased a bit - but I wasn’t particularly well toned before this all happened. It has been about 5 years for me, too, and have many of the same subtle changes you mentioned. I am curious about “motivation-center” as I have not heard that term before…but I know that I went from a “do it before it needs to be done” to a “I’ll think about it awhile and maybe do it tomorrow”…it this what it refers to? Still have good ideas - but not much interest in starting any projects.

Yes - I think you got it. My neuro-psychologist called it “a-motivation-syndrome”, and said that the bleed in my right frontal lobe had damaged the motivation-center. I had never heard of it before either. And yes, it still takes enormous determination and energy to get myself moving doing the things I know I want to do to be good to myself. I guess perseverance is the name of the game. I am so glad you are as well as you are! You are a miracle to recover like that after SEVEN aneurysms! CLEARLY the world needs you and your gifts to be here!!

Hello there,

I was wondering what size your aneurysm was? I am awaiting a second opinion and trying to get some research done. I had an angiogram done in May, and there is an aneurysm on the left posterior part of my brain, and an “spot of interest” on my right side as well. Thanks for your posting!

Oops. No 2-year check but a 3-year check in Nov. 2011.

Mine was discovered incidentally while being investigated for possible underactive thyroid/Cushings Disease. A brain scan showed a 17mm x 14mm x 14mm brain aneurysm - quite a shock! No headaches, no symptoms at all. Have since been in hospital for further investigations and now waiting for a date to have it coiled, probably within the next three weeks.

It’s been almost a month since I’ve been off work and I actually called my Dr’s office from work one day and explained how I was feeling. At the time, it was a fairly bad constant headache, dizziness, off balance etc, for the past few days. I was told that it sounds like severe dehydration and or heat stroke. Well, days passed and I wasn’t feeling any better so I call again. In I go and I’m told "it sounds like you have Labrinthitus. Spelling not sure. Come back in two weeks, so I did. All of my symptoms are still present and I’m not getting any better so then they decide to send me for a CT scan. The scan came back and my family Dr said (this past Monday Sept. 27th) that it shows a 7 mm aneurysm but doubtful your symptoms are from this. Now I have to go for an MRI and I’m just waiting for the call from the hospital to go and have that done. Here is where I get angry. Before leaving my dr’s office, they said the phone call may be made as early as this afternoon. So here it is 2 full days later and I hadn’t heard anything so called my family dr’s office. Ohhhhhh they say, the requistion hasn’t gone in yet the secretary says. It will be either today or tomorrow. I was so upset, said ok thank you and that was it. Well it took me less than 60 seconds to call back and give them a piece of my mind. “Today or tomorrow”?? NOT acceptable!! I said I want that sent in TODAY and confirmation as such from your office that it has been done. I would think that a 7mm aneurysm would suit the priority list!! I said. Oh boy I was angry. I continue to have changing symtoms, headaches are always present and live with them every day. The last 2 days I’ve had a stiff neck and sore and some times I swear I feel a cold sensation in my ear. I’m probably going crazy! I also have to add that when I was told the CT scan showed a 7 mm aneurysm, it was like telling me oh by the way you have a hang nail on your right index finger…and then proceeded to tell me that they doubt that any of my symptoms are related and it’s probably something else going on as well. Not impressed so far.