Question to the group about finding out about their aneurysms

Wondering how others had their aneurysms diagnosed before a rupture. I have four Annie’s that have not ruptured and that I have monitored. Just had an MRA this morning. These were found nearly two years ago when I had a severe SAH at work.

Dear Doreen,

I had 3 aneurysms clipped during a long (17 hour surgery) in 2011. I am being monitored for three others. I originally went to my neurologist at the advice of my family Dr. to check out what was thought to be, a low back issue that might have been affecting my left foot...a weakness... ever so slightly. It was so minimally felt I never paid it attention... and forgot to see neurologist the first time....two years later my Dr. asked if I had ever had the issue addressed....I told him as it was not worse and I hardly noticed it....But he go see the neurologist and make sure my low back did not have any problems....:) Miraculously, neurologist wanted to discard everything.....I went for an brain MRA and 6 unruptured aneurysms were discovered.... three on the right carotid artery which were very large and a fusiform was part of that....Today....the foot still the same ;) ....But my life was spared....even as no symptoms for this were ever present!! I am partially blind as the work done was very difficult and in a place that affected my optic nerve... It also affected a field of vision on my right eye.

I wanted to share with you...where my journey started....

I hope you are feeling well and continuing on your journey filled with happiness, faith and optimism!

May you be blessed every single day of you amazing life.


Also had unruptured annies in rt. carotid. One…9mm…taken care of with stent and coil. Other one a bit smaller is being watched…been 9 years. Why they did stent/coil thru femoral artery…was so as not to disturb optic nerve…and hearing.

Mine was found when I went into Dr for a severe headache..was nauseous and had blurry vision. They did a scan, seen it, and ordered an MRI. That was when it was determined it was an aneurysm. I've since went in for coiling, which we were unable to do bc my blood would not cooperate in order to place stent. So we scheduled open surgery, which was unsuccessful as well...after 15 hours on the table, clipping a few veins/arteries out of the way, my surgeons were still unable to reach it..took me 3 and a half days to wake up from that. I'm monitoring it now, had a CTA this past December and no change..going for another Angio in November and will see what that brings.

I had a, CVA stroke with no lasting affects. The neurologist followed up with an MRA which showed an aneurysm in the same area. I had a clotting stroke then started to take aspirin to prevent another one. I was given a choice to leave a 5 mm aprox. Annie and monitor or fix. It was the hardest decision to fix it. I learned about it in February and had a clipping in April. I am doing really well and my BP is much better now as a side effect of not worrying. I think it was the correct choice for me.

I had been being tested for jaw , ear and sinus issues. Sinus throat and lymph all came back clear. While all this was going on I had some headaches ones that would wake me up in the morning just pounding. Went back to doc referred me to neurologist who thought they were migrainses. Never had them in my life. Take two pills and call me in the morning basically from him. Went back to primary doctor, my daughter with me asked about MRI of brain. Thought they found anuerism needed another MRI found the 7.5 Annie. Scheduled the angiogram Annie was determined to be 9mm as I have daughter on top of it. Tons of dizziness some nausea and daily mild headache constant. Decided to coil which will take place this coming Monday. I told the doc that I was getting frustrated when we were not getting anywhere with a diagnosis. I couldnt explain to him any other way than to say it just feels like my head isn’t getting something that it needs when they found it. I personally decided on the coiling as I am 58 and if…this gives me some normal back I will be good with that along with about another 10 years please god. sorry I totally misread your name....Well...Now it is really apparent that I am legally blind...but still trying...;)

This new normal thing.... hmmmm....Yes...hard at times....but there is that gratitude whisper that reminds us of the blessing and not the problem.

You will feel much better… Yes, it’s hard to explain the feeling that something? is wrong… Great that you have your daughter… I had my kids and husband…but none really got it…an opthalmologist was my savior…ordered the MRI…on phone through it with radiologist…on to neurologist who sent me to ‘the best surgeon in the world’!

I had 2 unruptured annies found 10 years ago. Complained of headaches for 2 weeks before I went to Dr. He was sure it was just stress, but sent me for CT scan. Coiling done in 2003. Went the attempted to coil the 2nd one, a blood clot broke off and headed for my brain stem. About a year later they tried to coil with a stent. The smallest stent they had was too big. Clipped in 2005. Right now I am dealing with short term memory loss that is starting to effect my job and my marriage. Is there anything that can be done for that? It is really frustrating and humiliating sometimes when I can't remember something that happened or was told to me 5 minutes ago!

so glad to find this place!


I had a probem with my ear so my ENT dr sent me for an MRI with contrast, and that is how they accidently found it. I had surgery 8 months later. This week will be i year since my surgery. I go for a check up later this month!

So right Susan just wondering what type of coils you had put in. We’re they the hydro coils or just the titanium do you know? I think the anxious part of all this is the waiting. I think I have a good doc he is pretty laid back and I hear he takes his time so as to get it right. A nurse who will be sitting in on the procedure because I am a guinea pig for a study said he treats his patients as if they were his family member. Good to know wish me luck!!!

Also have memory loss…but take ginkgo once in awhile to ‘wake me up’…a cup of coffee or tea each morning…if I don’t feel it will give me heartburn. And make lots of lists… Tried to do notetaking on computer…find I really have to write things down. Have them in places where I can keep reminding myself of whatever it is. I think the memory thing is more because we worry…must admit we have something I never dreamt I’d have to worry about. Also a little walk helps…exercise…circulation. Am no professional here…ask for pro. help? Good luck…

Deneen, my aneurysm was found during an MRA investigating an AVM. My PCP suspected neuro issues due to some random speech I had for years and referred me to a neurologist who sent me to a neurosurgeon who specializes in aneurysms. He wanted to attempt coil, I went to Johns Hopkins Hospital for a 2nd opinion. Saw two neurosurgeons there - one who does mostly coils (he said he didn't want to attempt coiling mine) and another neurosurgeon who recommended open surgery to clip the aneurysm and remove the AVM. So - that's what I did. Last July 29. I'm going very well. Back to life, though the doctors did tell me to expect about one year for "total recovery". I'm playing tennis 3 times a week. Playing bridge - I can't remember the cards, but then I never could! LOL!! You are brave to keep monitoring - I don't think I could handle that stress. Mine was discovered in April and the 3 months between discovery and surgery really made me up tight. The changes in mine in those 3 months were significant (size, density) so I'm relieved it's gone and I'm well. Good luck to you going forward.

Chilly Girl in Fort Myers, FL

Thanks to everyone for your responses. I think I was a little angry that mine wasn’t caught until I had a massive rupture which was followed by a vaso spasm and a stroke but after reading so many stories I realize how lucky I am. I have no residual issues and I am back to work and able to do pretty much everything I used to except drive due to a few seizures but even that should be for only one more month. So I am officially kicking myself in the butt for my little pity party, since I know realize how good I have it. I hope each and everyone of you keeps healing and getting better and enjoy your lives.

Titanium, I believe. I know something…perhaps the stent is nickel… Am allergic to nickel…at least on the outside so was anxious about that. Hopefully your doctor learned the process from my doctor…he was on ground floor here in US…and teaches it. I do wish you all the best. May he have a steady hand and good fellows helping. Let us know how you do.

You know it’s funny you mentioned your doctor being on the ground floor and teaching it as my daughter said there is a guy in The Dalles Oregon who said that his doctor developed the process at OHSU. They must all want to take credit for it somehow. Lol!!!

Dr. Hopkins at University at Buffalo…you can google him…but am sure there are lots out there. He would teach about seven each “semester”…actually called ‘fellows’…each went on to hospitals all over the country to then do it there. One of mine went on to Miami, FL…he placed the coils…with Hopkins and others in room. Was 10 years ago…

Sorry little confused what is an SAH can someone please explain to me

My wife Keeps telling me I am getting old will be 65 and she says memory loss is due to my age my dr say sq could be due to the area of brain tht was operated on what does your dr say

Subarachnoid hemorrhage. Scary how much medical terminology we have to learn!