Were there any symptoms

So I’m curious for those who had ruptured or unruptured aneurysms. Now when you look back did you have any warning signs or symptoms that you just chalked up to something else …hindsight?
I’ve started in the past few months having ear issues like ringing and sometimes my heartbeat. Recently my left eye feels like it’s dry or strained.
As some may know I have a possible 2mm infundibulum and a sub milliliter something on the Acom .
I’m just curious if anyone now looks back and realizes there were subtle signs that something was brewing.
I’m getting another MRA in late February to see if things have changed but can’t help but thinking the ear and eye issues might be related to what’s going on with me.

I had no warning signs prior to rupture. Only headaches I got back then was from stress or allergies.

Okay thanks.
It was after my husbands was diagnosed and went through everything I realize that there were small things that I noticed but didn’t connect the dots…although his was such a rare thing I wouldn’t of know. His wasn’t an aneurysm but a brain issue never the less.

Tumors, lesions, masses, etc can all have warning signs, even an aneurysm if it presses on a nerve.

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I had pain from my aneurysm because it pressed on a nerve. When I told my family doctor about the pain, he sent me for a CT scan and the rest is history. Fortunately, it didn’t rupture and I now have 64 coils and 2 stents. Now I am waiting for the three month MRI at the end of Nov./beginning of Dec.

I have an unruptured Annie with multiple pipeline stents. Prior to diagnosis, I had bad headaches, trouble talking, finding words, pulstile tinnitus. Headaches disappeared after stents ! I believe I was close to rupture.

Yes, I had pain behind my eye every month timed with my cycle…I believe because blood flow increases all over the body at that time. Since I’ve had it clipped no more headaches behind the eye. Also timed with my cycle, I had nerve pain in my tooth that I thought was a cavity and that pain has also disappeared since having it clipped. My grandma had an aneurysm that was diagnosed after she was having double vision.

See that’s something that worries me a little . Out of the blue I started having Pulstile Tinnitus however it went away and only comes back once in a while. I do get a light ringing in my ears but it goes away with in seconds but happens daily.
I guess it worries me that the Infundibulum could actual be an aneurysm. I’ll be happy for my MRA in February and to see if anything has changed.
This new doctor wants a MRA without contrast as the first doctors recommendations was another CTA and that’s with contrast.
Wonder if there’s a big difference

There is a difference between the two types of scans. CTs use radiation, MRs are magnetic MRs can show a lot more than the CTs but they take a bit longer. When one goes to the ER for headaches, etc, my local hospital does the CT scan to make sure there’s no hemorrhaging. I recently learned that if one has an ischemic stroke, the CT won’t show it for about four days, the MRI can show it right away.

Thanks you Moltroub
I really didn’t know what one shows more…this makes me happy because with this uncertainty I’m happy to have the one that will give the most information.

I think I did. Over the past few months before I had an EKG done my QT was in interval. I found out that was could of been the body telling me something was wrong. I would seeing image of my iris. I know that sounds weird but I did. My neck was stiff and I was in so much pain. I didn’t know what it was and I almost past out at work the day it burst. I think you should just pay close attention to your body. Only you know something is wrong.