WEB Aneurysm Embolization Recovery

Hi All, I'm new to the site.

My mum is 5 days out of surgery for WEB Aneurysm Embolization System which she had inserted through the top of her leg Monday. She's 52 and came home Thursday and we've been giving her around the clock attention. I just wanted some advise on post surgery effects/feeling/recovery/aches & pains as I haven't noticed on the board anyone who has had this procedure done.

All comments welcome x

I'm interested in what this treatment is exactly - what does WEB stand for? I know that coiling is done through the leg, as is the PED (Pipeline Embolization Device). Can you explain more about WEB please? Thanks!

Hi Sarah, we were told like 2 hrs before surgery its like a webing but works similar to the coil method. I found this link but it does say its not available in the USA I guess that’s why no ones heard much about it. http://www.sequentmedical.com/technology/WEB_AES.html

Glad you are sharing this with us Rebecca...we all are interested in new techniques...~ Colleen

That was really interesting, thanks for sharing! We do have members here outside of the US, and I know that the PED device originated outside the US and it took awhile for the US to take to it. I'm sure glad they did though!! Perhaps this WEB device will be utilized here soon. It looks really neat, and like it may solve some of the issues with coiling, yet provide the same functionality. I would suggest looking at the coiling groups for some insight in recovery, but also peruse this site and you'll see there's a wide range of results. Do you have any specific questions on your mom's experience?

Hi Colleen, its no problem I was just hoping someone else knew about it so we could differentiate between the recovery systems and the MS

Hi Colleen, its no problem I was just hoping someone else knew about it so we could differentiate between the recovery systems and the MS

Hey Sarah, just wasn’t sure what to expect as she had virtually no pain other than a heavy feeling today in her head where the “A” is. Some of her MS systems seem to have magnified since (leg pain & back pain slower movements than usual) so wanted to be clear what was attributing to what basically.

Background: the “A’s” where found on routine MRI’s one started to grow hence the surgery. She’s never really suffered with head aches and the surgery hasn’t caused any head pain at all! Which we were expecting with obviously with this surgery.

Any head pain, pressure, etc. can certainly be attributed to the surgery. Headaches are a definite possibility. Glad she hasn't any so far! Brain fog - difficulty concentrating or thinking or remembering, all possibilities too. Leg pain is a given - her femoral artery was punctured in her groin to deploy the device, and that hurts! Just a couple days should be all. Is she taking any blood thinning medications (Plavix perhaps) or aspirin? If so, would those affect her MS? I am not familiar with MS to help you there, but I understand you trying to sort out what's causing what symptom. :) Lots of rest should help with most of her issues - it is technically a brain surgery after all!

Thanks Sarah x

I had the pipeline put in and 6 hours later I was in ICU on facebook eating chicken and mashed potatoes! I totally remember that heavy feeling - it does go away. I also went though one day where I felt itchy all over but that went away (prob surgery drugs wearing off)...my only residual probs are occasional floaters and very slight headaches (which I had horrible headaches before the surgery). It IS shocking - how great a person feels after the PED surgery. Good luck to your Mom. She is blessed to have you guys around.


Headaches for quite a while.

Thank you all for your comments and concerns really means a lot. The weekend has gone well, the headache has set in so she's resting as much as possible at the minute.

I was really surprised that many people haven't heard about this procedure so I will definitely keep posting to inform you all. We've got a scan in 6 months but will keep you updated on her progress as time goes on.

Again thank you so much for the support you guys are truly wonderful xx

Thanks for the update, thanks for promising to keep us updated, and sorry she got the headache. It'll go away after time. I was surprised to learn about this procedure, and I'm interested to see how it plays out and if they'll start using it in the U.S. Please come often and talk to us and let us know how your mum is doing!