Recovering from PED Procedure

Hello, I hope I am in the correct place. I had a Pipeline Embolization Device procedure on July 11, 2013. The procedure went well and I suspect I am recovering without complication. However, I don't feel like myself. My head feels full and I do have headaches some worse than others. Some days are better with minimal headaches. Sometimes the right side of my head and face feel kind of numb. I am restricted from lifting anything over 5 lbs and limit stressful activities. I am also very tired every day. The doctors do not seem to have a lot of information of what to expect after the procedure. I was told everyone was different. I do not have vision problems. I guess I am just asking what should I expect. The aneurysm was small, unruptured and behind the left eye. I am on Plavix and aspirin. My procedure was done at the University of Maryland Hospital. Thanks

Hi Fran...

Remember one takes times and rest for the brain to Heal...

You may want to go to PED group site, they may be able to help you with some of your questions...

Rest and Feel Well...~ Colleen

Hi Fran,

I think joining the PED group on here is likely your best bet for some firsthand advice on what to expect in recovery. Part of the difficulty in getting information from the doctors about the after-effects will be that the PED treatment is very new in medical terms and the early studies will usually focus heavily on clinical results and risks and the "how will you feel?/how can we make your recovery smoother?" type studies and guides tend to come later. I would think at the moment, talking to others who have had the same procedure done and sharing information is the best plan to get a broader idea of what to expect. I haven't experienced a PED personally, but your symptoms of numbness, headache and feelings of weight/fullness are also extremely common in coiled/stented patients, and I would imagine they are quite normal (although annoying!) in PED patients also.

Good luck finding the information you need, and all the very best for your recovery.

Hi Fran,

I got the PED on january,2010 in Milan ( Italy ) and I did not have any major problem, only some times tired.

You can get more info on the PED on the PED group in this site, just ask to join us.

take care,


I have headaches too but control with Tylenol. Heard there is a great doc at Univ of Maryland. Who did your surgery? I go to Hopkins

Dr. Gandhi, Interventional Radiology. He use to be at Johns Hopkins. I went to Hopkins for a consultation as well. Dr. Gandhi has taught the procedure to many of the doctors at Hopkins so I went with the teacher recruited by the University of Maryland.

Yes. I heard about him from a doc who saw him at Hopkins.

hi Fran! yes you are in right place-forum is excellent place! Yes everyone heals differently. You are very early on- hang in there things will slack off~ ps congratulations on the successful surgery, extra prayers for you!

thanks Ron