Updateand for oncemore positive thanIusualy am

sawneurologisttodayandfinally got some answersandandfeel much bretter now. i have talked about myseizuresbefore. i have been concerned and hate the anti seizuremedi have obeen on.which was lamictalxR.one concern i had is i had been taking lamictal for a mood stablizer for 5 years before my surgeryand as of now going on 9 years and it is very hard on liverand even though my blood has been periodically checkedto see if liver was doing oki fely therewas still damage bein done and i didn't want to die an alcoholic death when i don't even drink.and they just kept upin the dose my other concern was will i have to take this sh**t all my lifeand how would they know when my brain was healed enough to stop takin anti seizuremed. i was really getting depressed.the extendedrelease lamictalcaused me to periodicall drooplike a rag dalloff and all day every day anditi was really getting me down.now i have some hopeshe is going to start me ontrlilepyaland start weaning me off the lamictaland if i cango 2 years without ss eizurethen i can stop taking the antiseizure meedcompletely. she wants me to do a ct scan with the dyeyo make sure it hasn't grown. can't have an MRIbecause of the screws they put my scull back together withand i would supose it wouldn'ywork well with the platinum wire in my coil.maybe now i will have the energy to startplaying my guitars againyay!!!!!its really hard to get your boody working properly after my stroke from the surgery when you can't hardky keep you eyes open due to being doped up all the timebesidesar my age i really don't want to spend the rest of my life sleeping.any way just though i'd post omething that for m. hope ypu all are doing well today and you are all in my prayers every day. thanks for letting me ramble ):)