It's been a while

My one year annie-versary was June 10th of this year. It's been pretty uneventful. I'm tired more often - I get dizzy sometimes - and I have some short term memory problems. Not much considering what could have been.

Unfortunately, I had a seizure this past Friday and came home from the hospital yesterday. I am now on anti-seizure meds so hopefully that will prevent more from happening. I was driving home from work when this happened and thankfully my 15 year old son decided to spend the day with me at work before the start of school. My 25 year old daughter also worked that day (we both work at the same place) so we rode together. She was in the back seat. I'm so proud of him - from what I understand (since I don't remember anything) he kept composed and was able to steer the car away from the wall (we were on a very high interstate ramp) and was able to stop the car without hitting anything or anyone.

The question I have for everyone is - Does anyone else suffer from seizures? Apparently mine was the kind with all the shaking and convulsing. The only thing I remember is hearing this noise and I remember asking my kids what it was and to turn it down. I rolled up the window but couldn't get rid of the noise. It was like loud equipment or engine, really muffled sounding. After that - I don't remember anything.

If anyone can help me understand this, I would appreciate it.

Hope everyone is doing well. Take care.

Katie....You were blessed...

A number have had seizures...a number are put on anti-seizure med for prevention (?) when there were no known seizures...I, others, like you, were not...I do not know what drives that big decision by the docs...

Hugs to you and your children...I am sitting here smiling for were so blessed to have had your children w/you and for your son's quick judgment and reaction... you were so blessed...


Thanks Pat. My boy is my hero. That is such a great question about the meds. What are the factors that would suggests a doc put someone like us on these meds before it even happens. Oh well - mute point now. I'm seeing my neurologist next week and I'm going to ask her to refer me to a neurologist that specializes in seizures also. I'll keep everyone posted. I'm so grateful I have all of you to talk to .

Take care.



OMGosh, You certainly had someone watching out for you that day. So glad that you are still here to tell your story. Very quick reflexes on your son's part and he saved all of your lives and others' on the road that day. I am sure you are very proud of him. I don't know much about seizures but I know that alot of us were put on anti seizure medications for migraines. I hope that your seizures are under control now and that you don't have any other problems with them. You are in my prayers.

God Bless,

~ Carol

Thanks Carol. I am so very proud of him. I hope they are under control also. I've only been on the meds since Friday - so time will tell.

Take care.


Hi Katie...I donot suffer from seizures, so not much help...but I wanted to Congratulate you on your 1 Year Annie ~ Versary...~ hope you so something for YOU...wishing you a beautiful day ~ Colleen

hi Kate! wow!! you all should be on the evening news! thank you for sharing! Thank God the boy had the awareness to take control! My sister had gran maul seizures due to brain cancer and subsequent surgery- it is the worse affliction I've ever witnessed. I was given Kepra for seizure prevention after the SAH, it was because of the damage and possibility of seizures they want to prevent rather than just watch and wait for them. May God continue to Bless!

Hi Ron,

It is a blessing. I'm glad I let my son drive in the drive-way (wink-wink). I wish my docs would have had enough forethought to put me on the anti-seizure meds back then. It's all good, and no-one was hurt. I don't even want to know what my kids saw. I wish I could take the memory away from them, but they are both strong.

Take care and be well.