Update on my Grandmother's progress 8 weeks post ruptured annie

Hello everyone,

Nan is doing really well, has no side effects except headaches.

On Friday she was in a car crash (my Aunt was driving) where a car hit my Nan's side, it wasn't a very high speed crash or anything very serious but because when the ambulance turned up my Nan said her spine hurt they had to cut her out of the car, it turns out she is bruised (nothing broken/fractured thank goodness). She said she didn't hit her head at all because she was wearing a seat belt but she did jerk to one side which is what has caused whiplash/bruising.

The police officer who dealt with the incident (it was the other vehicle's driver's fault) called my Grandmother tonight to see how she was and he said he would feel happier if she went and got a scan on her aneurysm just to make sure everything is in place etc. because when the ambulance turned up my Aunt had to let them know Nan was only a couple of months post coiling procedure. I am now terrified as I never thought anything of it as she didn't bang her head and my mind is working overdrive.

Can anyone shed any light on what they think?

Hope you are all well,

Love Ellie xxx

Hi Ellie...oh My Goodness your poor Nan...personally I think she should call her Doctors and ask them if they think she should be scanned...a jolt to the head isn't good with someone healing either...after I was coiled...I was told to be very careful of coughing and sneezing for almost 4 weeks...please keep us posted...~ Colleen

Hi Colleen,

It has been over 7 weeks since her coiling. She went to A&E and they weren't concerned that she had had a ruptured aneurysm coiled a short amount of time ago. She is going to call the specialist unit tomorrow.

Thank you for replying and hope you are well xxx

I was rear ended this past October. Like your Nan the seatbelt did its job and I didn’t bang into anything. I was sore for a while but felt better after a little bit. My aneurysms were coiled last February. I didn’t go to the dr because I didn’t feel hurt. In hindsight it might have been a good thing to go get everything looked just for peace of mind if nothing else. Hope she is doing better now. Take care ~myra