Another bump in the road to get over for Nanny

Hi All,

Today my Grandmother was in another car crash, the airbags stopped her from banging her head but she has a shattered heel and needs surgery on it tomorrow to repair the bone that has shattered. We are due to fly to Florida in 2 weeks, not gonna happen now, I'm wondering how much more life is going to throw at my family?! Although I'm very grateful that yet again she's defied the odds and come through it with non life changing injuries. I don't know whether to feel unlucky we get all of this or lucky that we all somehow come through it every time.

I'd be grateful for any prayers offered to Nan for tomorrow's surgery.

Hope you are all well,

Ellie xxx

Hello Ellie,

Poor old nan, tough lot these oldens, hope she gets on alright tomorrow, she certainly doesn't have much luck, not much good with prayers but we will be thinking of her, she sounds a strong women.Best Wishes to you all John & Sue.

hi Ellie! hope this finds you well- I sure will pray for nan~~~ johns right -these oldies are a tough lot-mom's pinned hip is like brand new!

Ah I am sorry to hear this Ellie...Nan and your family have my prayers...~ Colleen

Sorry to read about your Grandmother's injury. I hope and pray surgery goes smoothly and you get your money for Florida back so you can go later in the year.


Saying prayers for Nan’s surgery & speedy recovery.

Thanks for your well wishes, does anybody know if it's okay to have surgery under anesthetic with 2 small unruptured aneurysms? xx

I would think so, though I'm not an anaesthetist so can't be certain. It would help the anaesthetist to know about the aneurysms so he/she can make sure BP doesn't go up too high.


Goodness, I'm so sorry for what Nan is going thru, and for what all of you are going thru as well. The old saying of "what doesn't kill you will make you stronger"--jeez ! I'd say Nan could take over the world! Try to keep your spirits up Ellie, and great big healing vibes being sent.

Peace, Janet