Nan's progress following car crash

Hi everyone,

So Nan was involved in a car crash on Tuesday as many of you have seen my post before. The surgeons want to operate to repair a shattered heel in her left foot they were going to go ahead with it Wednesday but the swelling was too bad. So she is on a ward waiting for the op that has been scheduled for Thursday and all of a sudden, she is saying she isn't having the op, she is too scared to go under anesthetic after having her SAH in November last year and she also has two small unruptured annies being monitored.

Does anyone know the risks of anesthetic with two unruptured aneurysms Can the anesthetic trauma to the body make them volatile? Has anyone had an operation after a SAH or ruptured annie?

4 days previous to her SAH last year she was under anesthetic having a small op on her thumb for arthritis so I think this has made her mind very unsettled.

Any responses would be greatly appreciated :)

Hope you are all well,

Ellie xxx

I am not a Doctor Ellie...but I do think anesthesia will effect her unruptured annies...I have one coiled and one ruptured and I have had anesthesia twice since my coiling and nothing has happened...but Nan has to do what is right for her...~ Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen

hi Ellie- try" ask the dr "in the forum or google - isaw a bunch of articles but most were about aortic aneurysms. Anyway/..... thanks for the update-we'll keep her and you in thoughts andprayers!

oops just read this again...and I meant to say ..."do not think..."