Feeling scared! Have an operation date!

I found out a little more then a month ago that I have this aneurysm, then a week ago found out that they would have to open my head to fix it. I was worried but not so much scared till today. I got a date for my surgery November 17th. Since I found out I have been very emotional and honestly scared for the first time.

I feel like there is no one not my husband or my kids that understand how I am feeling today and I can't seem to find a way to explain it either.

Is this a normal reaction or am I just being overly emotional?

Oh my gosh Kimberley…yes I would say this is all very normal!!! I honestly don’t think that anyone can truly understand unless they’ve been faced with this sort of diagnosis and then faced with what you are about to be. I don’t care how loving and supportive your husband, children, any family are and trying to be. I just don’t think anyone can really grasp this and thats why we come here. :slight_smile: Because HERE is where we KNOW 'they get it;.

I can only imagine how you must be feeling right now and I wish I could reach out and give you a hug. I know some days I need one of those too from someone that really gets it. Just try to keep in mind that FINALLY, finally, you are going to get the help that you need in order to return to your normal way of living. Try to keep positive and keep your eye on the ball because the end result will be a huge pay off for you! No more worrying if this thing is going to rupture at any given moment, no more unanswered questions, only good and happy days are lying ahead for you Kimberley.

I’m here if you ever just want to vent, scream or whatever…I’ll listen.


OMG Tina you have me crying.
I don’t even know you. Your a perfect stranger to me and yet you just said words in a way that I have been wanting someone to say for more then a month.
My husband thinks that I am too emotional and my kids really are not sure what to say.
My aneurysm is apparently something that runs in our family. My mother has two of them which they are watching and if they get any bigger then she will be going through the same thing that I am.
It’s only when my sister called and said her doctor advised that all of my mom’s children be checked that I even found out I had this.
My sister has one too and they are doing the same for her that they are with my mom. As it has turned out so far mine is something that needs surgery instead of watching.
I feel bad for my mom and my sister and I try really hard not to show them that I am scared. I pray for them. My sister has been told that her’s is so small and in a place that they think it’s something she does not have to worry about. How that is I don’t understand.
Oh geesh I feel like I am rambling…lol
It’s just hard. I am American lving in another country, two of my three kids live in the States with my grandkids and I have one child here.
I so much wish that all my kids could be here for this but I know that they can’t in person but are here in heart. Somehow right now it just does not feel the same.
Thanks so much Tina for letting me go on and on…lol…and for the hugs and support.

Kram (hugs in swedish)

Hi Kimberley, I bet you are relieved that you have your date for surgery but I can understand what a scary time it is and how emotional you feel. Suddenly it starts to become real doesn’t it and you have to start thinking about facing surgery instead of the shock of having an anuerysm. You will be in my thoughts and I shall be praying for you but I am sure you will be in good hands and the friends that you have made on this site will be supporting you. I have been to the hospital today and had a long session with the consultant who will do my surgery. He was very thorough and I feel confident about him carryiing out the surgery but have no definite date yet as my thyroid function has not stabilised and he is worried about an increased risk from the anaesthetic. Hopefully it will be in one/two months time and will be by coiling despite the fact that it is a large anuerysm and has a wide neck. Wishing you all the best, drop me a line if you want to chat. Best wishes Caro x