1 Year Annie-versary

Today is my 1 year "annie"versary. An artery burst in my brain putting me in a coma for awhile and spending time at OSU Medical Center so they could save my life. They also discovered the 4 others that I now have coiled. I hope to celebrate many more of these "annie"versaries. I have another surgery scheduled for Sept. 16th to ensure everything is ok. A little scared but still I’m so grateful to be alive today.

Congratulations on your one year "annie"versary :-)

Thoughts and prayers on your up coming surgery too!



You have my prayers for the upcoming surgery...

Gotcha in my thoughts and prayers...Colleen


Congrats on your one year "annie"versary!! My thoughts and prayers are with you for your upcoming surgery


congrats my fellow survivor…keeping u n my prayers for anny free surgery n many yrs of good health, love n happiness :wink:

i’m happy for you.

Congratulations! May there be many more!! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

I hope I get my 3rd annie versaries , next February, 16th !