Thankful, but still learning

After reviewing some of the sotries on this website, I am reminded how uncommon a brain bleed is. While at Rush in Chicago, we saw first hand how many cases were admitted during a 24-hour period.

My dad had his "worse headache ever" on May 11 while watching my 8-year old daughter while I was at work. She called 9-1-1 and waited for the ambulance. After the local hospital admitted they could do nothing on that level of a brain bleed, dad was air lifted to Rush. There he had a drain put in and surgery scheduled for a double aneurysm they had found. After a bout with meningitis and 32 days in Neuro ICU, he was transferred to Riverside for rehab. After a month there and on the way home, he did not feel well, went to the emergency room and found 2 blood clots. Another few weeks passed in rehab and we now have dad home.

He went for his 6-month check and they had to re-fill the double aneurysm. Spent the night in Neuro ICU and took him home the following day.

So very thankful for a full recovery, but life has changed, just as the nurse in Neuro ICU had told us when we first entered.

So glad your father came through this with a full recovery. Unlike other diseases, the general public dosent understand aneurysms. Thats why this site is so comforting to those that have been affected by this ravaging disease.

I completely agree. Never realized how common this problem is.

This can be along journey...and takes time and is life changing for everyone ... us survivors and our caretakers...~ Thoughts out to you and your dad ~ Colleen