Good morning all…this is another test!!!

what kinda test?

Ok … test away…

Is it open book? Blue book? Multiple Choice? or a Final?

I am not good at tests..lol

I am pleased to tell you that "The test" I was referring to was a "Test email message"...it's amazing how we can all interpret things differtly depending on our focus. I am not that experienced with doing this so a friend was helping me and suggesting I sent a test message and I forgot to put in the work email test message...good for a laugh!

Am undergoing coiling for a brain aneurysm discovered in April...acutally I have two, plus a daughter...but for now concentrating on the largest one and because of it's location with daughter on top of it am going for the least invasive at this time.

Thanks for responding...loved your questions...I think I'd rather go though a book test than this...but beats the alternative doesn't ?

Yes. We don’t often get a chance at having a chuckle with others or to ourselves. Thanks for the original post. Good luck and Good Health!!