Yet another test

Hi all...

I thought I would give a quick update. Had my appointment with the neurosurgeon last Thursday and I was really hoping for a definitive plan going forward.but it didn't turn out that way. :-( He said the aneurysm looks to be a bit complicated, he thinks it's interfering with more than one artery and he is suspecting there is a second one. So I am just waiting for a call from the hospital to have a CT with contrast This will be my 3rd scan but I haven't had one with contrast. He said once I get that done, we'll go over the results and then we'll sit down and make a plan of action. So, I guess the waiting continues...very frustrating.


Hi Tina, So glad to here from you. Try to be patient my dear, I know it is hard but I have to talk to myself too. I believe I had mentioned to you that possibly he would send you for a angiogram with the dye. That is what happened to me. I had my angiogram on Nov. 4th. and I just received my call today for my surgery, it is booked for Jan. 6th. Everyone is different, depending on the results of the angiogram. It tells the story. It gives them a much better pic of the annie. It is frustrating so maybe when you know the date of your angiogram you could get into see the Dr. right after the test. I saw the neosurgeon the next day after my angiogram, so this was great, and we discussed the plan. So try to keep yourself busy, that is helping me. Take Care, and keep in touch, and God Bless!!

Hi Tina. I had clipping surgery 2 years ago. I had a CT with contrast as well. The doctor then wanted to do an angiogram as well. We went to a second, better doctor, who said he had everything he needed with the CT and we went with that. I can sympathize with your frustration. The waiting seemed worse than the actual surgery.

Thanks Bonita and Thomas for your comments and words of encouragement. Thomas, it is frustrating because I can’t for the life of me wonder why if Dr’s know that these are things that are going to be required, then why don’t they just order them right from the get go, instead of 1st CT Scan, 2nd test MRI, now 3rd will be CT with contrast and what…probably an angiogram as well??? I just don’t get it. I can see the original scan only being a CT but when they spot something, then why not CT with contrast or whatever! I’ve been going through this since September.
The other part of this is, I was told by my family Dr that they don’t do this surgery here in my city, I would have to travel either 2.5 hrs to 5hrs away. So if that’s the case, why in the world is this Dr putting me though another test, would it not be the surgeon that would be doing the surgery?? I’m just confused and feeling like I’m in the throws of the medical world but nothing is getting done.
Bonita, I know I’m losing my patience…ugh…and you are right, I have to try harder as the time drags on it seems. I just want this done so that I can get back to what I call life. :frowning: Thanks again for listening.

Tina, I feel for you so much!!! I also had a second scan, but not the MRI. I forgot that you had the MRI so I have a suggestion for you. Could you call your Dr’s office and mention to the receptionist your frustration, and if she could help you with it, that you got home and started to wonder why this test now, and maybe the Dr. would have time to call you back with the answer, or the receptionist could ask the Dr. for you. I don’t know if this would work for you, but it is worth a try. I could see me do this!!! All you can do is ask, and that would not hurt anyone, and maybe this would give you a little piece of mind, cause I know I need it sometimes, especially right now. Good Luck hon, and if you need to vent, we know that this is a wonderful site. I also have asked the Dr. on this site, and she is very good to respond, and that also helps me. We are not alone!!!

Sincerely, The Valley Girl, lol

I started with an MRI at which point they were actually looking for something else. Discovering the Annie was a very fortunate accident. Then they did an MRA followed by a CT with contrast. Doctor #1 wanted to do the angiogram but #2 said it wasn’t necessary. I think they don’t like to roll out the big guns right away. Of course that’s very frustrating for the patient. My initial MRI was in June and I had surgery the end of September.

I received a call this morning from the hospital. I go in next Thurs Dec 2nd for my CT with contrast. The surgeons office booked me in for one week later (he only sees patients on Thursdays) Dec.9th. The booking secretary was hoping to squeeze me in to see the surgeon on the 2nd but the scan isn’t booked until 1:15 and she said we might be pushing it to get everything in order for later that afternoon. So, I"m happy with that. Also, the surgeon said that he doesn’t feel that an angiogram will be necessary, he said this scan will tell them everything they need to know so yes, we’ll be making plans for surgery depending on what this scan reveals on Dec 9th. I have to admit, I’m feeling better today. :slight_smile: