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Chemical stress test with 6mm unruptured cerebral aneurysm

Very worried. My aneurysm surgery is next Wednesday. I had to see a cardiologist for medical clearance. Cardiologist scheduled a chemical stress test for Tuesday (morning). I can’t call my surgeon to ask because Monday is a holiday. This just seems suicidal to get this test done. But the cardiologist said he won’t approve me for the surgery without it. Very scared now, can’t sleep. Any input greatly appreciated.

Hmmm, I don’t need my cardiologist to sign off for a procedure. I wouldn’t even have thought to. I always tell him the NeuroSurgeon trumps the Cardiologist. Have you ever had a chemical stress test done? I think my cardiologist said I didn’t need one every two years, but I can’t remember if the guideline is every five or every ten years. Your Neurosurgeon should have someone on call, call them.

Years ago I had an actual stress test. I never had a chemical one. In my panicking I wasn’t thinking. You are right. I will call. Someone should get back to me. Thanks!

You are very welcome! Remember to breathe

Hi. Moltroub

Just want to thank you for all your support. I had the chemical stress test today. Although it wasn’t too pleasant, it was nothing compared to what I feared. Online info can be too scary. I’m scheduled for coil and stent tomorrow morning. Praying everything is okay. Will update when I can. It’s been so nice to have this group.


I have had 2 procedures. You will do fantastic!

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I’m believing in your swift recovery! Drink a good amount of water especially after your procedure. Also ask about increasing protein intake. I’ve had to go to 90 grams after each re-coiling for several months. I’ve used protein shakes and bars to get to my goal

Hi! Just got back lastnight from the hospial. On Wednesday, they did 2nd coiling and a stent. Thankfully, dr. said it went well. Going back in 4 mos. for angiogram. If that’s clear then it’s mri tests after that. I can only do open one! I guess, after 5 annual ones I would be all clear! Thanks for the support. I felt so scared and alone without this group. I really didnt know anything much about aneurysms. Now, I know more than I care to. But I am blessed to be a survivor. :slight_smile:


Congratulations on your successful procedure. Truly inspiring.

So good to know that all is well. You are blessed. Ida

Major happy dance Hurdygurdygirl! Get lots of rest, you earned it!

Resting and so so relieved that it’s done. Getting waited on and babied right now, but enjoying it. I made it to 54! Today’s my birthday, and I wasn’t so sure before. Have to force myself to rest. Once I recover, I really feel like I got a whole new life. Thanks for all the lovely messages. You guys are great!


Sorry I wasn’t on much yesterday, Happy Belated Birthday!

Thank you.

Good luck!!! All will be great!

Glad you had a good experience and I hope you have a full and uncomplicated recovery. Happy late birthday!

One year after my ruptured aneurysm repair my husband signed us up for both ballroom and line dance lessons. I did both for a year, then just line dance for a year, but my back and knee problems turned me into a quitter. Dang! I still am not sure if it is safe for us to raise our heartrates to such high levels as happens in dancing for an hour straight. My neuroradiologist (who did the coiling) said I can do anything I want, but my internist doesn’t want me to raise my blood pressure so high or get so winded I can’t talk. We don’t want to be couch potatoes, that much is for sure!

I just wanted to say that life can be pretty normal if you can block out the junk that has crept into your life, like the light and sound sensitivity, etc.

Hope you are feeling great real soon.
Jackie J

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Hi Jackie,
In my area, the local Health Unit runs a program called “Gentle Fitness.” It’s for cardiac recovery patients and for people with high blood pressure who want to stay fit. A facility I used to volunteered at hosted the program twice a week. They always looked like they were having fun.
It might be something you might want to look for in your area.
Hope this helps,

All went well. Surgery (coil & stent) was the 29th. Home the next day. Taking it easy and napping. Glad it’s over. Can exhale til next angiogram, lol.

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Oh and thanks for everyone’s words of encouragement! It definitely helped!