Eye problems

I've missed this bunch of fellow aneurism survivors! Haven't been online due to poor vision...which makes me wonder if I have an aneurism pressing on my optic nerve. I had a coiling on an 8.5 cm. aneurism 9 years ago. The first indication I had the first (and hopefully the last) time was when I went to my optometrist for a vision test, and he was shocked to find that my right eye needed a much higher prescription then the left. Especially since I had always been able to use either contact lens in either eye, etc. a few months later I started tripping over things, bumping into doorways and being even clumsier then usual. Eventually I went to the E.R. over something that I thought was an inner ear infection, and an MRI revealed the aneurism. While in the coiling process I had a major stroke, and the healing process took over 5 years. After chickening out several times I finally had an angiogram a year later. Since then I have avoided having another, but since my vision has gotten really bad and my neck always aches it's been making me a little nervous. Has anyone experienced problems like this? Oh and PLEASE no lectures on my procrastination : )

Glad you shared your story...I think you should seek medical advice on the new experienced problems...~ Colleen


Since you're having new problems with your vision along with the stiff neck, yeah I'd say its time to seek out the reason behind it...Better safe then sorry (I'm big on procrastinating when it comes to these things too, I understand !)

Peace, Janet

Hi~~yes I agree with Janet and Colleen I think you need an optometrist who specializes in nuerology, and also maybe a mra??? I can tell you im blind in th left side of both eyes due to the damage by the sah. the field test the therapist did was move a pencil from left to right about a foot away and I couldn't see it until it got dead center of pupil-this shocked me=I didn't even know!! they noticed I was hugging walls when walking and not taking shortcuts etc etc. We must be our own advocates, if your bumping into doorways sounds like side visions gone like mine?? they said vision might return might not so far no improvement 4 yrs post and i'm afraid to drive. keeping you in thoughts and prayers ~~ ps welcome back! oh yeah this laptop was a blessing since its so easy to enlarge- bigger is better!

Thanks for replying Colleen. Went to regular Dr. today, and she sent a referral for me to have an MRI and to see an ophthalmologist.

Thanks Janet! Went to the Dr. and was referred MRI and a thorough eye exam. I'm also claustrophobic, so I'm gonna have an open MRI. Any claustrophobia is a piece of cake compared to being knocked out for the angiogram...or worse the actual process! LOL

I flunked drivers test immediately when I had to read the signs for the vision test. I told them the viewing machine was broken cuz all I could see was the lighting...no signs. I wasnt convinced the machine was working properly until my daughter looked in the viewer and could see all of the signs.

If it helps, It took me 5 years to recover as good as I could. It's been nine years now and I'm on the downside of things.

I've never been graceful and have always mildly bumped into doors, however the aneurism was on my brainstem and really messed up balance and coordination!