Pressure behind right eye where coils are

Hi everyone -

My unruptured aneurysm was coiled/stented 6mos ago, and my recent follow up angio showed complete healing, and my 2 small other ones have not grown.

However, in the past few days I've been having a feeling of pressure behind my right eye (the coiled aneurysm was opthalmic, right side), and it's more consistent and has a stronger feeling of pressure/discomfort today. That eye was tearing up this morning, which is also odd, but that was probably not related.

I saw a question a while ago from somebody wondering whether post-angiogram symptoms were a problem for people - and I wonder if the angio (nearly 4 weeks ago) aggravated something? It seems doubtful that anything major could have changed, since the angio was so recent and showed no problems.

Thoughts? Eye pressure is not a symptom I've struggled with until now, and it's very annoying, and somewhat worrisome...



Hey Jaycie,

I didn't have coiling so I can't help you out there. Maybe you should call your doctor and ask about it.

I hope that your feeling better very soon!!!



Highly recommend you talk with your neuro specialist...ask about referral to a neuro-oph to have it checked.

Keep us posted...

Hugs and prayers...