i go in friday for a clipping to fix the coiling they did in 09

you are in my prayers

Good luck James, I will pray for your safe delivery through surgery and a speedy recovery, let us know how you are xxx


You are in my prayers for excellent surgery and recovery.

When you have time and energy, will you please share the change from coiling to surgery? There are a few others who have shared info on their surgery /clip after the minimally invasive coiling; i.e. which artery.

Prayers surround you here...


Hi James, good luck I will keep you in my prayers for Friday. Take care.

Wishing you a successful procedure & a speedy recovery.

Good luck James. I will be thinking of you on Friday. Hope you have a good Dr. to do this. I had a clip put in back in Dec 2011 and I just got back to work 3 weeks ago. I still get tired at the end of the day but my progress is moing forward slow but sure. I dont believe in prayer so I will just hope that things go well during your surgery and the medical staff is top notch. Its science thats going to save you anyways…not prayer.

He wanted me to say thanks to everyone he is in surgery now updates to come when we find out more