Sunday welcomes 5 March 2023

This week has literally flown by for me. I need to stop and rest🤣. It’s an absolutely gorgeous morning with the sun coming up through the trees and the song birds singing rather loudly even the Blue Jay is rather loud but he is getting a reply.

We are happy to welcome our newest members as always! Let’s start with @NBCV1961, shall we?

@NBCV1961 is down in Alabama. Remember we say Roll Tide not War Eagle in our house, but here in the group you can say either😂. Charlene has a PICA (Posterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery) brain aneurysm that she’s had two procedures for with coils and it’s 80% fixed with the other 20% unable to be addressed at this time. Follow what they say Ms. Charlene!

@phen is up in Pennsylvania, apparently ruptured. Pamela was at her brother in law’s when she passed out 6 months ago. She spent three months in the hospital but doesn’t remember it. She was coiled, had stent put in for hydrocephalus and is looking at another stent procedure in a couple of weeks. Pamela writes she is healing well, staggers to the right by late afternoon, tires easily. She also shares she has had Siberian Huskies since 1987! She will be marrying in July and says her fiancé is a keeper! We wish you the best of everything for your upcoming procedure and marriage!

@Harrie94 is across the pond in London. Harriet is newly diagnosed on 03 February 2023 and has to wait for her referral to a Neurosurgeon to find out more. So she can’t say much about it. Be patient, we hope you get in quickly.

Last to welcome and of course not least, is @Mnmandy! Mandy is up in Wisconsin and found out she had a 2.5 mm aneurysm at the A2-A3 juncture of the anterior communicating artery a year and a half ago. She went to the ER for weird head pressure and her aneurysm has grown to 5.5mm! Mandy is waiting for tomorrow to contact a Neurosurgeon for a consult. (The ER doctors usually just put on the release what the patient has to do for follow ups and leave it to us to get done what they suggest.). Hopefully Mandy doesn’t need her PCP to do the referral which can often happen. Mandy is also a mom to 4 wonderful children! She’s also posted her first topic! New here advice wanted and appreciated Let’s help her out!

So that’s our list for this week, welcome to everyone! Have a great week y’all!