3 July 2022 and another week (sort of) for welcomes

We have a few new members to welcome over the last couple of days, I’m trying to get back in track…

A hearty welcome to the following:

@Barb12120 is in up in the City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia). Barbara went through a time of it with classic symptoms of a rupture but the CT didn’t show anything. Diagnosed with migraine, then the second visit with cluster headache but luckily they hadn’t left the parking lot and her husband drove to the door demanding help. She’s a grandmother and can no longer work. More time for the grandbaby…when able I hope.

@Connie1323 is up in NJ and is in the watch and wait program. She is also diabetic and her PCP gave her a list of specialists to see. The neurologist found a 2mm aneurysm and she will have to go back in 3 months for another image. Connie’s a singer and making some definite changes in her lifestyle.

@SueM is across the pond in the UK. Ms. Sue is a retired special needs teacher and a Brownie leader. Now I’ll be signing the Brownie Smile Song all day! She had an operation to repair an aneurysm, I’m not sure if it ruptured, I think maybe it did. She had her operation June 2021 and feels like she’s lost her forward momentum with recovery. It can happen Ms. Sue, hang in there!

Last but not least is @Txpedirn (you will figure out what it means in a minute). Txpedirn is in TX, had a rupture back 19 May 2013. Experiencing a couple of repairs, a shunt, vasospasms and then an issue with the heart that’s resolved. Had a tracheostomy and on a ventilator. Then a blood clot that went to the lungs. After coming off the ventilator, recovery came quickly, just has some issues with eyes, some aphasia, balance issues and fatigue. Here’s the hint: Txpedirn was a Pediatric RN for over 20 years!

That’s the group updated! Welcome aboard y’all!