Hi all:
First let me thank everyone for they're kind concern and comments. I feel so alone and it helps to know there are others out there too. I live in a rural area and don't have a lot of friends or family. My life has been dedicated to my work for the last several years and my personal life was left on the back burner so my support system is mightly slim.

One question I have is if anyone was a smoker when they were diagnosed with unruptured aneurysms. I know I MUST STOP as soon as possible and am doing everything possbile to help myself but am still smoking between 2-3 cigs per day. The cravings are truly horrible b/c I am so stressed. If anyone has been in this situation can you tell me how you handled it? Thanks so much. --Jen

<<br /> Jen,
You are not alone on that issue as well I smoked all the way up to surgery. My aneurysm was found luckily by accident after i had a mini stroke. At the time of my mini stroke they told me to stop smoking. I was in the hospital and the nurse agreed to take me out to smoke , as we were leaving a very obese male nurse scrolled me as if i was 12 years old and said i could not go out to smoke, I told him we all have issues, and maybe next time he see’s the sweets and cookies he should refrain…that was very rude of me but when i get to that point, i am not my kindness. Then the other nice nurse came back and took me out and we both had 2 smokes. At this time i had no knowledge of my aneurysm.
Quitting has been very hard, i cannot use patches because of my heart issues , tachycardia, and chantix i could not handle the dream and flying Evey night.
Smoking is horrible for us and our vessels, and so bad for the entire body. So i try and take it a day at a time.
As you said though i find stress the worst, but hang in there…we are not the only smokers , trying to quit

may blessings

I smoked for about 20 yrs, then quit on Christmas night last year (with the help of Wellbutrin SR). Less than a month later I was in the ER with the worst headache of my life (which they mis-diagnosed as a tension headache). During that month I had a horrible time with cravings, and for the next month (trying to figure out what had really happened to my head) I was tempted to light up again A LOT. The medication helped, but the frustration of going to the Dr and knowing something was wrong, but not knowing WHAT, was really hard to deal with. I was able to keep from lighting up (most of the time, I just needed to take some deep breaths - that and I got a lot of lollipops - lol, it worked for me). When my neurologist found the aneurysm, I didn’t have a lot of time to even consider smoking. She told me to get to the ER and stay calm (probably would have been better to tell me to be calm first, but oh well). 5 days later, I was in the OR and they were clipping my aneurysm (my headache had been a warning leak, not a rupture, but that meant that the aneurysm was probably very close to rupturing according to the neurosurgeons). I have to say, I haven’t had the urge to smoke since my surgery. Not that the surgery was that bad…life just means more to me now than it did before (I know that doesn’t sound good, but it’s true, I took way too much for granted before, and sometimes still do, but I’m trying to get better about it). Hang in there at least you’ve cut back. Another thought, you might want to see about getting the tobaccoless cigarettes that I’ve heard about. Supposedly they are just water vapor, but you “smoke” them the same way, so it helps with the behavior aspect of quitting (having something to do). Anyway, I hope this helps, sorry to have rambled. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help or if you have any questions I might be able to answer (might not, but I’ll try).

ahhhhh smoking…well i was a smoker for 36 yrs and my cigerettes were my best friend also for 36 yrs. When i think about it now i was actually a prisionor to my cigerettes…i was a rude smoker also…i just smoked alot…anytime we went somewhere where we couldnt smoke i paninked…well anyway im just trying to let you know i was a very big smoker over 2 packs every day…when i got my results from my mra…i panicked because they told me to go to jefferson hosp. in phila. right away my annie was an 8 x8x10 they said it was big behind my eyes…so i stopped to buy alot of packs of cigerettes to have with me…lol well i smoked like there was no tommorrow all the way to the hospital…when they brought me to my room i looked for the bathroom, and all i saw was a toilet in my room no room…i was in ICU i was like omg how can i smoke…i thought no one can tell me i cant smoke, well they put a patch on me and said NO smoking well believe it or not i HAVE NOT had a cigerette now since May 28, so i was a non smoker since may 29th…i am really prould of myself !! never ever did i think i could quit…after surgery and came home i could have smoked but i chose not to…and what i told myself was this…IF YOU TAKE THAT 1 CIGERETTE, THEN YOU ARE A SMOKER AGAIN…there is no such thing as 1 cigerette and i did not want to go back to smoking after almost 4 months now…not saying it is not hard sometimes, because it is, but since i have come this far, i am choosing not to be a smoker again,…And i pray i stay that way. I know that smoking is not good for our arteries and not that smoking causes annies, but it can cause them to rupture, and i never ever want to go through what i went through …esp. waking up on a venalator…ughhh so for today I will Not smoke…and hopefully tommorrow i wont either…and i will pray for you to stop also…keep me posted!!