Smoking/ or being around smoking with an aneurysm

can anyone fill me in on info about smoking , or being around smoke with an aneurysm ?

Hi Stephanie...There are so many reasons that smoking is not good to be doing, and esp with an aneurysm...I smoked for 20 years...I have been quit almost 10 years...Doctors told me if I go back to smoking, I need not come to see is only a "death wish" from an annie...I am not sure of all the particulars of problems with smoking ... other than the chemicals you are feeding your body ... and it raises the blood pressure and constricts the blood vessels...all can cause a "rupture" if you smoke...really try and cut~down and then quit...You are Worth it...

As far as being around smoke with annie...not sure the problem...other than the second hand problems...

Hope this helped...I am not lecturing, because I know how addictive smokes can be ...

Gotcha in my Thoughts...Colleen

Thank you Collen. I too smoked at one time, but I don't anymore. But I am always around it so I know the smoke is some what still getting into my system. I have had siezures for more than half of my life, and now I wonder if smoking could of been a factor to start them. Once I found out about my Aneurysm, that scared the bad habbit away........that was the 1 good thing I can honestly say that having an aneurysm did do for me.

I am blessed not to be around hubby doesn't smoke...and hates it...nor does family or friends...

Bless your Heart...that you still have to deal with second hand...I look at smoking this causes alot of things...but on awhole...If you have problems (illness), etc., it only makes it worse...or harder to combat...

I am so proud of you Stephanie...I know it is a tough habit...and you are doing yourself good and now maybe those around you that smoke...will eventually find themselves Free...inorder to help you...

Have a good day...Colleen

smoking is a NO! NO! ...i too was told if i was going to continue to smoke then basically it was giving me a death sentence..russian rhoulette style..u wont know when or where,,,so ever since the anny incident in oct 09 i have not touched a cig and cant stand the stinks like krazee...good luck sweety

My annie ruptured may 5 2011 . My last cig. was may 4 2011 the night before my annie popped. I spent 15 days in the hospitol and obviosly you can't smoke while there . If I wasn't "trapped " in the hospitol I'm not sure if I would have been able to quit i'd like to think so but it was 'easier" for me. It's been 6 months (wow) I have gained 12 lbs. and I still want one from time to time. My doctor told my husband while i was in the hospitol that he wouldn't let me out until he saw a nic. patch on his arm. My husband quit that very min.

Hi Kelly, I’m a survivor, and I fully recovered my self.
My Annie rupture was quite 3 years ago, I got coils and one year later the Ped.
I stop drink alchool 10 years ago with the AA program, but I’m not able to quit smoking, it’s too hard for me.
I only reach to stop smoking one year ago for 23 days by using Champix, but I started again…
I’m sure smoking is not good for the Annie, due to blood pressure increase.
But, let me say…NOOBODY IS PERFECT, I surviive to an Annie, some I hope to survive to some cigarettes.
Take care of you.

Giovanni, One thing that you may want to try are those fake cigarettes that have you inhale steam. I forget the name of them. I just quit "cold turkey"...YESSSSSS it was hard.....I just kept reading about what would or could of happen to me if my Aneurysm did burst. Life is hard enough, and adding a "hadi-cap" ..that could be prevented, was my way of thinking and help me kill the habit. You may want to look into your area to see if there are any quit smoking groups around , like the AA meetings.

I wish you luck


Hi Kelly,

I smoked for 23 years and quit 1 year or so before my Annie was found. My surgeon told me had I not stopped smoking when I did my annie would prob not have been accidently discovered, as it would have likely ruptured and been a whole different scenario.

As for the passive smoking, the same said surgeon was horrified to find my hubby still smoked and rather harshly told him that if he thought anything of me he would not smoke within 5 feet of me (to which he never does) as constant second hand smoke can also enter the blood stream and cause harm to those around.

Quitting smoking was the hardest thing I ever did by choice, and I realise I was so fortunate to have quit before my annie was discovered as quitting whilst having to go through such a trying time must be so much harder, so hats off to those who have done so and good luck to those who are still trying.


smoke is no good it makes the arteries widen.

I smoked until my aneurysm was found-then I quickly quit. My doctor informed me if I did not he would not treat me. Quitting was no problem when I heard I had an aneurysm-it is sad what we have to hear to then value our lives. But my doctor said the chemicals (from smoking or second hand) makes the inside of the veins sticky and makes the procedures dangerous when performed (any of the needed procedures to treat an aneurysm)-this is why one needs to refrain from smoking and second hand smoke.

Hi Stephanie,

I smoked for 35 years and I have not smoked since the day my annies were discovered. I did not use anything to help me quit, except the words of my surgeon as he leaned over my bed just prior to my first angio. He said to me, "the next cigarette you inhale may be your last." Those words basically scared the bejesus outta me!!! My husband, who never smoked, promptly went home, threw out my ciggies, matches, lighters, ashtrays and anything that reminded me of smoking. Even tho it was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, I am thankful that my annies were discovered before my smoking could have assisted in rupturing one of them! And everything you read regarding smoking says that it constricts your blood vessels thus helping to weaken them, endangering your health in many ways. I'm now smoke free since May 24, 2011, something I swore would never happen to me!! I was the one who said, I'd die with a cigarette in my mouth, until the day I realized that that day was way to close and I was not ready to go yet!! I must admit I did love smoking and I still crave and miss it terribly!!

That being said, my doc never did say anything about being around anyone that smoked, but my family and friends who do still smoke have been very courteous when I'm around.

It's funny but it seems that most people who I've met here at BAF are either smokers or past smokers. Makes you think doesn't it???

Best wishes,


Thanks everyone for your thoughts on smoking. Being so I did quit my main concern was just being around the 2nd hand smoke. I do not let anyone smoke in my house, if they want to huff and puff then they must go outside into the cold or go into the garage. It's a hard task to beat, and the temptations are always lurking around the corner, but I just keep telling my self what could happen if I cheat. I don't want to die yet I'm still young...well sort of :) I am glad that people can't smoke in resturants & other public places.

Hi Gaynor, Thanks for your input on your past smoking habits. I just have1 question....if you don't mind I want to ask you something. If you still smoked how would it of prevent the Dr. from finding your aneursym ? I know you said that you quit...but how did that help the doctor. I still was smoking when my annie came to be known.

My head just started pounding one I could hear my pulse in my head.....REALLY LOUD ! At first I just thought maybe I ate too much salt. so my blood level was up a bit, but then day 2 came, and I just couldn't take the pounding. I went to my doctor, had an MRI,....then was told about my Aneurysm. It scared me to death !

I, unfortunately, still smoke. My daughter is raising holy hell on that. I have not smoked in the house since she was born - go outside no matter the weather - and I can't stand the smell in someone's house. It is a nasty habit. My doctor said although the aneurysm may have not been caused by smoking, the risk of rupture is so much higher in smokers.

I did ask my doctor Tuesday about Nicotrol, which is a nose spray that is the only thing my insurance will pay for (don't ask me why - it's around $300!!). He said it was fine to use. I am starting it in the next few days. Giovanni, I did try Champix, but I had horrible side effects from it and couldn't tolerate it.

Hope to be smoke free some day soon. Second hand smoke I have always been told, is almost as bad as smoking yourself, which is why I have not smoked in the house for 22 yrs.

If you have alot of consideration for others not to smoke in your house, You should have the same consideration for yourself not to smoke. I know its hard, I still get cravings.....but 1 thing I did do while I was quitting, was reading/getting on line, etc....finding anything that I can find about smoking with an aneurysm...and the dangers it causes or can cause.

I pray for you and wish you the best of luck with both your aneurysm and quitting.

good for you linda i quit also 2 yrs ago no problem my choice :))

Cigarettes are terrible-and a drug-which I cannot remember where I read it, but more addictive than cocaine-and to be told that you have an annie and continue to smoke it must be true. I thank God for the will power to get them out of my life.

Hi Stephanie,

Sorry to have confused you. But for better way of explaining it , If I had not stopped smoking when I did there is a good chance each cigarette may have been the final one that led to my Annie rupturing, quitting smoking may have likely saved me from that fate, without the warning signs that I had to get me to a doctor....,I was told my annie although quite small 8mm was very deep inside the brain so I probably would not have recovered from a rupture.

Hope this helps!!!!!!

And well done you for quitting and staying off them, it really does eliminate an unecessary risk!

Hey, Sherri, I still smoke too, idiot that I am, I was in hospital for months after my rupture last New Year's Eve, first 7 weeks I was in a coma, they let me go home then re-admitted me at my husband's request because I completely lost my appetite and he was worried at the amount of weight I was losing. Finally they let me out last June, of course my body was completely nicotine-free by then and I should have just seen that as one positive thing to come out of the whole horrible event.

But I started cadging the odd smoke off my husband (yes, he still smokes, (not surprising considering all the stress of this past year) when we were out having a drink - I think it was a way of kidding myself I was my old self again! Re drink, BTW, I have to be cautious as they put me on anti-epilepsy medicine just as a precaution, and alcohol knocks that drug out - well, epilepsy is about the only thing I HAVEN'T had, so I don't want to risk that.

My family doctor said it is OK for me to have a 'tinto de verano' - 'summer wine' - have you come across that? Basically it is about half a small glass of red wine, topped up with lemonade to make a long drink, and served with ice and a chunk of lemon - very refreshing, and the doc said that small amount of red wine is actually good for you. So I have one - or at most two - most days, unfortunately I tend to smoke along with it. But at least my liver is getting a holiday!

My daughter too went nuts at me when she found out I was smoking again, she said it was bad enough seeing me in a hospital bed with tubes coming out of everywhere, she thought she had lost me, how DARE I take risks with my health, now that it seems my life has been spared? I know she is right, of course, but I get so depressed and it does cheer me up a bit. Well, next February hopefully I will be signed off fit enoughto go back to UK and see the kids, and I had better not be still smoking else daughter will go ballistic! So good luck to us both in kicking the dreaded coffin-nails!