Smoking, drinking, and "annies"

Prior to my burst on 09/08/10, I used to smoke cigarettes, drink with friends on the weekend, and go out to all these wonderful places riding on the back of my husbands bike! It was so much fun! And now I fear it’s all gone.

I don't expect anyone to post directly on here if they are still drinking or smoking or partying etc. after their burst. But sometimes I miss smoking so bad! I haven't had one and have told my self I can not smoke again until my youngest is at least 18 (she's 10 now).

Does anyone else battle with feeling like your life has totally ended and don't know how to deal with it. I feel like I should be attending AA or something! LOL I know part of it's the depression. It hasn't been that long and I'm still working on healing. So anyone that would like to chat about this, send me an e-mail or something.

Hi there!!
I can totally appreciate where u are coming from Tina. I myself was a 40 a day person but since my operation in February 2008 I have not smoked a single cigarette. and yes i miss them everyday, But im unfortunate enough to have multiple aneuresyms and dare not ever smoke again as im at risk of them bursting, my surgeon could only occlude 3 of the aneuresyms as its far too risky to do the others. My operation had compications and did not go as they thought, I was in hospital for 5 weeks 3 weeks of this time was spent in the ICU. Things do however get easier as time goes by and ur urge for smoking will get easier, keep up the great job ur doing and continue to get better this also takes time.
Love Jackie xxx

I too was a smoker before my rupture on 5/25/10…I look at it this way & maybe it will help you to get thru this…(and like Jackie I also have multiple aneurysms), we have 2 choices…we can live or we can die…I choose to live…so far I have not had an urge to smoke…might be because I was in the hospital for 26 days, not sure, but I was a long term smoker (over 40 years), so it’s a choice you have to make & no one else can make that choice for you. I asked my doctor about drinking…he said as long as I wasn’t on any meds that would interact, I could have a drink or two, to just not over do it. I will keep you in my thoughts & prayers & hope you too make the best choice for you! Hugs, Terry

everyday tina go nuts 10months ago no cigs i want one so bad but i wont do it read my post i just wrote about being oldi feel like my life is over also i can ride horses again but have to wear a helmet i never in my life wore one thats english riding i want to start dating what do you tell people sorry cant do tht shit it sucks sometimes keep your chin up us old ladys can at least talk lol linda

Hi Tina! Good for you with the non-smoking. It takes a lot of courage and self discipline to get rid of the cigs. I, for some reason have been unable to quit yet. I struggle with it every day. Know I shouldnt be smoking. Each day I get up and tell myself I’m not going to do it, then I do it anyway. I’ll get there eventually. I have a drink occasionally, but not much anymore. My husband, unfortunately, is an alcoholic - so I don’t indulge much. I like to feel in control, as much as possible, and having to deal w/him is sometimes more than I can deal with stress-wise! He’s not abusive in anyway, just ridiculously annoying and not here for me emotionally.

Since my SAH, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my life and how I’d like it to be. I think I am just now coming to terms w/things and accepting I’m not exactly the person I used to be. I have a few limitations, granted they are not debilitating, however; I can’t be at indoor functions where there are a lot of people and too much noise, several conversations going on at once. I get scattered and find it hard to keep track of things. So, yes - my former life is no longer my current one.

You are pretty early on after your SAH. Mine was 1/27/10. I can now look back and see that I’ve had huge improvements and I am able to do so much more now. I still fatigue easily, but my headaches and fuzzy head feelings are less often and less intense. I am struggling w/depression and anxiety but I’m on medications that will hopefully help me through this trying time! Have also had some counseling, which helped immensely!

Hang in there and know that with time, things will improve. Feel free to message me anytime :slight_smile:

i was told by my dr i can return t all activities except for smoking…so try not to limit yourself too much…that way it doesnt feel like all is lost…go ride a motorcycle and have a couple of beers…just dont fall down drunk…lmao…everything is still the same i just think were so scared to return to our active lifestyles in fear of something happening,but we cant do this forever,you choose to either live and love life again or be restricted which is no fun at all…ask your dr im sure theyll tell you to go have some fun just no smokes…not too much to sacrifice for a long life ahead…love and prayers,michelle n texas…im 42 by the way i was 41 when my anny ruptured 5mm…were survivors!!!

Good for all of you that have quit smoking. I’m trying, well I’ve cut down some what but at the moment just can’t find it in me to quit all together. I noticed most of you that have quit had ruptures, what about the people who haven’t had a rupture and are waiting for surgery or just watching and waiting a small annie? How do you handle smoking, have you quit, trying to or still smoking?

I havent had a rupture Tina, I quit smoking whilst i was awaiting surgery to occlude 3 of my many anuresyms xxxxx

i have a couple drinks…i have a lot of ice water too. I don’t smoke. I was having drags at night with a drink iwth my husband. I work really hard…self employed, house is clean and laundry done. i am type A personality!!! That is tough
I work out 5 days a week, mainly treadmill and some yoga and some light weights.

my kids are 19 and 14 years old. I am always here for my kids too.

I stopped smoking totally. I did tell them i would be having a few drinks and that has been just fine. it is all good.

check with your doctor. I am however still living afraid…i have a tighter chest today. i am tired. I am at my company a bit and i am doing as much as i can to not get overly stressed or overly involved. it is hard and i think i have the right people in my office to help me.

the girls are incredible for me.

my follow up is november 11 and of course i hope and pray that I don’t; have to have any other surgeries.

Hi Tina, I havent been able to quit smoking yet but I think about it everyday and I want to be a non-smoker its just so hard to give it up. I did stop drinking my dr. told me that I can drink but the only meds he had prescribed were asprin and plavix. My regular dr. has me on 4 different blood pressure meds and I dont know if I can mix alcohol with them. Sometimes I think If I could drink every now and then I could feel closer to normal. I understand how you feel I feel the same way I miss my wine. Laurie


So hope you will look at, consider, various alternatives…i.e. acupuncture, yoga (other similar type things)

Even those who never smoked, and, had aneurysms treated have numerous changes in their lives…and, difficulty with many decisions…daily, weekly…

There probably are smokers anonymous (SA) meetings? There are others who still smoke…

Somehow, w/apx 30K ruptures annually, someone could take the stats on how many are/were smokers.

When I think of all of my peers I have met…few are, or were, smokers…

A number were pregnant, and/or sometime shortly after birth…and, then the later ones…like you with a 10 year old… Seems like studies could be done on any variance in symptoms during pregnancy or shortly after birth; and which artery(ies) are most likely affected, etc… Four of the mothers w/new(er) babies I know were essentially healthwise perfect…One was in hospital before birth…If data is available, I hope it would be provided…

All the symptoms provided are the ones at, or near, the time of rupture…and, I think studies could be done on earlier symptoms…that are ignored…


it is tough…i know. I cannot give up some wine. call me weak or insane. i know. so far the wine is okay…just watching portions and making sure that i drink tons of water. I got the okay…however, my blood pressure went up as i tried to work recently. I am self employed so have to work to help with the finances and stuff. I am not getting paid right now due to some tough economic times. living off my partner and hubby right now…which is tough…but do able. taking ex back to court as he refuses to help pay for my daughter’s university…feels he does not have too.

anway, went to work too fast. dealing with guys who feel we need to give more…believe me i will just say we are stupid generous…was soooo hard on me, dealing with numbers etc

my blood pressure goes through the roof for me…198/120 for a couple days. go to emergency. i got meds for the blood pressure. the same family as the meds they gave me to avoid vasospasm…coming down but not down enough. the doc says no exercise…oh god…well i can go for a walk…nothing too strenuous…brain still repairing and absolutely no work. i might dig out the pilaties tape. i love working out. i love it…well not every time. so i will go slow on treadmill but i have to get my blood pressure back under control…this is horrible. starting to feel depressed and scared…anyone able to relate to this?

I am not even 2 months post coiling for the aneurysm yet. I felt fantastic and looked great but overdid it…

I have just joined this group and have been looking for other’s stories to help inform and comfort me as I wait for my coiling procedure scheduled for 11/16. My annie, a large one, was found on 9/9/10 and I met with the neurovascular surgeon on 9/10. He told me not to touch another cigarette and I haven’t. The thought of having a stroke due to a rupture, which increases with smoking, scares me too much. I did use the patch for the first month and I had to apoligize for my nasty behavior but every day it gets little easier. Good Luck.

Hi Shannon…good for you!! I see my surgeon Nov 18th, maybe if he tells me no more smokes it will put the fire under me that maybe I need to hear for me to quit entirely? I dont know. I know I should quit , I’ve known that for years but I guess I have little self discipline when it comes to the habit. :frowning: Shannon, how big is your aneurysm and where is it located? Tina

My husband had a coil in June, he used to drink on the weekends with the neighbors and smoke a couple cigars. He is the one who has not even felt like it. Not even really went to the neighbors much since. I think it is a mixture of not feeling like it and not wanting to chance it again as it really scared him when he got a brain aneurysm!!

yeah, the whole experience can really change your entire outlook. even though i am chilling and on the computer, i am much more careful about the wine spritzers…
it is very altering to face something that your chances of living through it were slim…or your chances of coming out of it were that you were not going to be normal…
I have not had my first MRA or MRI…just a good scare with really high blood pressure and chest pain…like someone was sitting on the middle of my chest …or pressing on my chest with their foot. with meds my blood pressure is slowly decreasing…but wow…I could use to not have had this happen to me…but we cannot choose what comes our way I guess…keep fighting.

So went on a motorcycle run with a local group of riders. I followed in my car mostly because it was very cold out. Everyone met up at a local tavern after to eat and drink.

I was thrilled to just be a part of it. All of the members completely understood why I was in a car and not on the back of the hubby’s bike. I could smell the cigarette smoke and for some reason, the smell did not bother me. It actually made me realize I am glad I don’t smoke and smell like that! Then when at the tavern, I ate and drank water and one pop. Not drinking didn’t bother me at all! I was so surprised and so proud of myself!

Thanks for all of the replies though. I think I may have a glass of wine on New Years, but this experience today made me realize that it’s the experience and not the chemicals that make the memories. I had a blast today!!!