Brain fog and poor concentration

Hi Fellow PED-ers-

I had my PED placed over 5 months ago and my "brain fog" seems to be getting worse. Anyone else experience this? It comes with unbelievable fatigue and some concentration issues. I feel like I'm only 1/2 present at work and with my family. Like many of you have experienced, my doctors think these symptoms are completely unrelated to my aneurysm or the meds.

Hi Kelly, I know exactly how you’re feeling! I would have to say it took me probably a year before I fully felt like I was a functioning human being again. I will be celebrating my three year "annie"versary coming up in June 2014. I promise you it will get better.
Hopefully others will give their input but from what I can remember almost everyone experience the same thing you’re feeling at one point or another during the first year of recovery. Some tried yoga, meditation, exercise and many different things to help to boost their energy levels.
Please keep us posted on how and what you are doing to help assist you with this.
Best wishes,

So sorry to hear what we most go through after a PED placement. Gradually symptoms should subside through time. I know it’s easier said than done, but it is what it is. How frustrating to hear those words from the only person who can give you answers "your surgeon"
Yes, these symptoms aren’t related to your aneurysms because they can either rupture or not, but what they should tell us how will our Cerebral’s mechanism will react after being interrupted by a clip, PED, Coils, or stents! Your Cerebral mechanism has been running normal and all of sudden pow! you got wires residing in your blood vessels that travel through it

Thanks so much for the mind words and encouragement!

This will get better! Give it some time and get plenty of rest. Mine was placed two years ago and I only get a little foggy now when I don't get enough sleep. I also noticed a huge change when I stopped taking the plavix. Hang in there. Heidi