Rehab in skilled nursing facility

My mother had an aneurism 2 months ago. She was in a coma for awhile. After coming out of coma, she had few procedures including a shunt. She still cannot talk well nor can she get out of the bed on her own. Recently, she was transferred to acute rehab. And after two weeks, the medical director has told us that she is not improving much so she needs to go to a skilled nursing facility. This is in itself a very upsetting situation for us because we wanted her to get more rehab and improve more. We were obviously dismayed by this news. I would love my mom to go back into acute facility again after entering skilled nursing facility. Has anyone experienced this situation? If so, can anyone shed some light? My mom is in her late 70s. And I so much want her to improve but I know that it will take some time. But how long? Thank you so much in advance.

Hi HW - so sorry to hear about your mom - I am assuming that her aneurysm ruptured? I started my recovery in an acute rehab but was unable to do the required 3 hours of daily therapy so was moved to a skilled nursing facility to regain more strength...then was moved back to the acute rehab when I was stronger. From my experience I will say to please be your moms advocate. There were times in the skilled nursing facility that my daily therapy would "fall through the cracks" unless my family would speak up and make them take me. Not saying all skilled nursing facilities are bad but I did have a worker there tell me that their facility was nothing but a glorified nursing home. In total I was moved to 3 separate skilled nursing facilities and they were all pretty much the same care wise. Caring people but overworked - again, just be your moms advocate. Everyone recovers differently from an aneurysm so as for the how long will your moms recovery take, there is no answer. Muscle atrophy when a body is bedridden so the sooner she gets going with therapy, the better. I am 2 years post rupture and still improve a little everyday. Please keep us posted on moms recovery.


Sorry to hear about your mother. My mom is in a skilled facility. I agree, you do have to stay on them. I’m trying to get my mom out of the place she is at. Not trying to scare you, but this facility has been very challenging. They are very low staff and I’m constantly getting on them every time I visit.( two times a month ) I live in Va and she is in ohio, I’m trying to get her home with me to a better facility. Hopefully the place your mother goes to is very caring and can give her the care she needs. Good luck!

Thank you so much for the information. I will be my mom's advocate without a doubt but to hear from you really helps a lot. I can tell it will take a long time. And yes, she did have a ruptured aneurism.

My mom is on Medicare currently. And Medicare only pays for 100 days. If you don't mind me asking, are you on Medicare? If so, if she uses up the 100 days, can she use the next 100 days next year? I'm curious.

Thank you again for your response.

Thank you Gannaeya. It sounds to me like skilled nursing is understaff. It will definitely be an uphill battle for me if that's the case because my mom can't really go to the bathroom herself so she requires cleaning assistance. If nurses do not come around that often, she will be soiled for a long time.

Thanks again for your information Ganneya!

My mom is unable to use the bathroom on her own. I had to get on the staff about checking, turning, and cleaning. I feel really bad for the staff. Yesterday there were two nurses aids to over 20 patients.I can’t wait to get mt mom out of this place. Once I do I’m going to find out how to report this. Its crazy. I feel bad for the staff and patients. Friday I was helping one of the aids clean my mom and noticed 3 more bed sores. Of course I cried. Make sure you offer to help clean her. Take pictures if you think something isn’t right. Good luck.

good to know. I agree. I can't wait to get my mom out of the skilled nursing facility. it is awful.

HW are you having issues with your mothers facility?